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The hospital bills, treatment costs, and other financial losses you incur after suffering injuries and damages from a car accident can place a heavy burden on you and your family.   You may seek to hold the responsible driver accountable by filing a car accident claim and wonder how long it will take to settle your claim.  The time it takes to settle and receive compensation depends on many factors.

While you may need the compensation as soon as possible to help cover the extensive medical costs and property damage, the legal process is unique and tailored to the specifics of your claim.  Marsalisi Law understands the stress and frustration you feel and can represent you throughout your legal proceedings.  Frank P.  Marsalisi will guide you through the process and recover your losses while you focus on your health.

5 Factors That Impact the Length of Your Car Accident Claim in Florida

Every car accident is different and includes various factors like the time of day, the accident’s location, and whether the individual broke any laws.  When looking at how long a car accident claim might take, the following are vital factors:

Severity of Injuries

In some accidents, your injuries may only include a small scratch.  However, other accidents can cause severe, sometimes life-threatening injuries that significantly impact your life.  The legal time frame can lengthen depending on your injuries and the amount of medical attention you require.

Accident Liability

One of the main factors extending the settling process is how clear the evidence is with the accident liability.  If significant evidence points to the other driver’s fault, the claim can quickly be resolved, but the less clear the accident liability, the more time the process can take.

Witness Testimonials

Having a witness testimonial is one of the best forms of evidence you can have for your claim.  They can clearly give an account of the accident and work as unbiased information documenting what occurred at the scene.  This can clearly show who is at fault for the crash.

Insurance Company

Negotiating with insurance companies and receiving the proper documentation for your claim takes longer depending on the crash and the individual’s insurance.  There may be an extensive process for filing a claim, but a car accident lawyer can help collect and handle the complicated process.

Number of Individuals Involved

When more than one individual is involved in an accident, much more evidence and many more factors are required in the claim process.  You may need to go through twice the number of steps than in a two-person crash, which can extend the time frame.

We understand that you may want a definitive answer on how long the process will take, but various factors like the ones above can extend or shorten the time period.  However, a car accident attorney can analyze your claim and the evidence to help better determine the length of the process.

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