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An essential part of a car accident claim is determining who is responsible for causing the crash.  For a lawyer and judge to find the at-fault driver, there will need to be sufficient evidence pointing to the liability of the individual or party.  A car accident lawyer can help prove the responsible party’s negligence through pictures, videos, and other documentation of the accident, your injuries, and property damage.

What if the accident resulted not from another driver, but from hazardous material on the road?  When an object is deliberately left on the roadway, the material is considered road debris and can cause severe accidents.  Some examples of road debris include metal or shredded tires from past accidents, broken-down cars, and possibly even abandoned construction equipment.  If an individual or party uses the roadside as a dumping ground for unwanted items and causes an accident, you can seek legal action for the losses you incur.

What to Do After an Accident Due to Road Hazards in Florida

The immediate aftermath of an accident can cause you to experience shock and confusion.  It can be challenging to think of what you need to complete or even what just occurred.  However, we can provide you with a few steps to help ease you through the process.

Seek Medical Attention

Your first and foremost priority is your health and safety as well as the safety of anyone else involved in the accident.  Even after making sure no one needs emergency medical assistance, it is vital that you seek a medical evaluation with your doctor after going through the following steps.  Having medical documentation of your injuries and confirming that you require no emergency care is vital to your health and your claim.

Contact the Police

Once you contact emergency medical care, contact the police about your accident.  Even if you were the only individual involved in the accident, informing an officer of the dangers you encountered due to another individual’s negligence is vital to prevent other accidents.  They will also provide an accident report and have information about the negligent individual who left the debris on the road.

Get Information About the Other Party

Any information regarding the other individual is vital for your case.  Document their license plate number, car information, and anything you can gather from the scene.  If there are other drivers involved in the accident, you need to gather their information as well.

Collect Evidence

Pictures and videos of the accident scene, any injuries, and the environment surrounding the accident can be an essential piece to your claim.  There are many things a lawyer and judge can find out through video evidence, and it can significantly help your claim.  Another vital piece of evidence is any witness testimonial of your crash.

Talk With Your Lawyer

When dealing with a road hazard case, there are more investigative steps than in some other claims.  A lawyer can help gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and speak with the police about the individual involved.  With their help, you can have a smooth legal process.

The injuries and damages you suffer in an accident caused by roadside hazards can be dangerous and life-changing.  Contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible to start your legal claim process.

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