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A personal injury – whether the result of a car accident, motorcycle accident, negligence, faulty workmanship or any other cause – can be devastating.

That’s why Marsalisi Law is here for you. We can’t reverse the effects of the injury caused by accidents. We can’t stop nightmares or alleviate pain. We can’t give you the ability to do everything you could before your injuries or accident. But we can and will get you the compensation you’re entitled to under the law. We will fight vigorously for your rights and see that you are reimbursed for your monetary and personal losses.

At Marsalisi Law of St. Petersburg, law gets personal. If you come to us with a car accident or personal injury case, you won’t be passed off to an intern or paralegal. You will receive personal service from St. Petersburg car accident lawyer Frank Marsalisi.

Get Dedicated Representation for Your Accident Injury Claim in St. Petersburg

Our caring goes beyond the intricacies and minutiae of legal parlance. You’re not “the party of the first part” or Case Number 8493. You’re a person in a situation you didn’t ask to be in. Through no fault of your own, you have been injured.

Accident attorney Frank Marsalisi will listen to your story. If you can’t come to Frank, he’ll come to you. He’ll ask questions to get all the facts surrounding your accident. He will consider what you’re losing in medical bills and compensation. He’ll talk with your friends and loved ones. And he’ll give you his best advice, all without charging you a penny.

If Mr. Marsalisi believes that you have a case, he’ll take it on—and that won’t cost you anything either. In fact, you won’t owe anything until you win a settlement.

Frank will stand up for you against powerful forces like insurance companies and/or powerful and wealthy companies and people. And if your case goes to trial, Frank will represent you to the best of his ability there as well.


Because Personal Injury Matters.

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Frank doesn’t believe that any person who has been injured in an accident deserves anything less than the full attention of a St. Petersburg car accident attorney whose primary interest is the well-being of the client. That’s why your case will never be passed off to a paralegal and you’ll never feel like just a claim number.

Your relationship with Marsalisi Law will be personal. You’ll be treated with respect, and if Frank believes that you deserve compensation from the insurance companies for injuries sustained, your case will be fully investigated to assure that you receive maximum value for your claim.

While it’s important to Mr. Marsalisi to build personal relationships with clients, the number one priority is a result that provides full and just compensation for any injury that you sustained as a result of an accident.

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