Do I Need to Hire an Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a St. Petersburg accident lawyer can help you protect your rights, investigate applicable insurance, hold those accountable, and help you focus on your recovery.

What Damages Can I Recover If I Was Hit by A Drunk Driver?

With a St. Petersburg DUI accident attorney by your side, it may be possible to recover damages in Florida for all medical expenses, including past and future medical bills, lost wages and reduced or lost earning capacity, mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of consortium for a spouse, and even punitive damages. Punitive damages are additional damages the court may enforce to punish the defendant(s). The purpose of this damage is to deter the defendant and others from engaging in the conduct that led to this lawsuit.

What Should I Do If I Was Injured in A Drunk Driving Accident?

Seek medical help immediately if you were injured in a drunk driving accident in St. Petersburg. The next step you should take is hiring a St. Petersburg accident lawyer so they can assist you in investigating the facts of the accident and recovering the compensation you deserve from those at fault. As a victim of a drunk driving accident, you may be entitled to receive damages for medical care, pain and suffering, and lost wages if you were severely injured.

How Can A DUI Accident Lawyer Help Me with My Case?

If you were injured because of a drunk driver in St. Petersburg, you have the right to hold them liable in civil court. Hiring an experienced St. Petersburg DUI accident attorney can better your chances of recovering the damages for your injuries and other additional expenses due to the drunk driver.

What Should I Do After Being Hit by A Drunk Driver?

If you have been hit by a drunk driver, seek immediate medical attention. After you have taken care of your medical needs, reach out to an experienced St. Petersburg drunk driving accident attorney, as they can assess your case and provide a sense of relief during this stressful time. Experienced St. Petersburg accident lawyers may also help you file claims for the damages you incurred, such as the cost of medical treatment and lost wages.

If I Was a Passenger in A Car Driven By A Drunk Driver, Can I File A Claim?

Anyone injured by a drunk driver, including a passenger in the drunk driver’s car, can file a claim against the driver.

What Happens If the Drunk Driver Leaves The Scene Of The Accident?

If the drunk driver who hit you fled, immediately call the police and seek medical attention. As a victim of a hit-and-run accident, you should hire a St. Petersburg car accident attorney to investigate the facts of the accident, help locate the defendant who fled, and determine if there is any insurance that may help compensate you for the damages you sustained.