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Purchasing a new or used car is often a big commitment.  You will want something that fits well with your lifestyle and needs.  In order to find the perfect vehicle for you, taking it on a test drive is essential.  There may be features or comfortability issues you would not spot unless you are driving.  However, test driving comes with the same risks as any other vehicle on the road.

Getting into a car accident while on a test drive may feel overwhelming, and your immediate reaction may be to apologize, even if you are not responsible for the accident.  When you are in a complicated and frightening situation, speak with a professional car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Who Is At Fault for the Accident?

One of the first questions you might ask yourself after a car crash is, who is responsible for the accident?  Various factors contribute to who is at fault for the collision, and in some cases, there may be more than one party responsible for the crash.  While another driver is often responsible for most accidents, the dealership may also hold some fault when you are test-driving one of their vehicles.

For example, if the vehicle was not up to standards and a malfunction causes you to lose control, they may be held accountable for their lack of care.  In order to prove the other driver’s fault and your innocence, you will need thorough evidence and a highly-qualified legal representative.  The injuries and property damage incurred during the crash may be extensive, and without legal representation, the other driver or dealership may try to place all the blame on you.  Speak with your attorney as soon as possible to start your investigation.

Whose Insurance Will Pay for the Car Accident Damages?

When an accident occurs, those involved will want to know whose insurance will cover the property damage and other financial losses.  This depends on a few factors, including who is responsible for the accident, how the accident occurred, and the available car insurance.  Consider the following possibilities:

The Dealership’s Insurance

Every vehicle on a dealership’s lot carries fleet insurance.  Fleet insurance will often cover damages from a test-driving accident regardless of who is responsible, and a car dealership must carry fleet insurance for all their vehicles.  If a dealership does not have fleet insurance for the vehicle you are driving, they may try to avoid the consequences by blaming you.

The Other Driver’s Car Insurance

When another driver acts negligently and causes an accident while you are test-driving a vehicle, their insurance may cover the damages you suffer.  The dealership will file claims against the at-fault driver, and their insurance will be responsible for covering any injuries and damages incurred in the accident.

Your Own Car Insurance

If you are partially responsible for the accident, your insurance may help pay for the losses.  However, there are many restrictions and limits within your coverage that may cause problems.  Your insurance may also try to provide as little assistance as possible, so speak to your lawyer as soon as possible.

A test-driving accident is frightening, and there are many complicated processes you might encounter.  Without a legal representative on your side, you may suffer severe consequences and be held responsible for an accident you did not cause.

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