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With high gas prices and limited affordable transportation, many Florida residents are turning to motor scooters for travel.  Electric motor scooters are significantly cheaper than a car or motorcycle, allowing riders to travel at higher speeds than a bicycle.  However, with the growing popularity of motor scooters comes the unfortunate rise in accidents. 

Similar to motorcycles, motor scooters leave riders vulnerable to outside dangers.  Even protective gear like helmets and a thick jacket may only limit the severity of an accident.  Not only is the initial impact dangerous, but there is also the possibility of hitting other objects in the crash.  If you suffer injuries in a motor scooter accident, you may incur life-threatening injuries and long-term disabilities.  Speak with an attorney to learn about how you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your losses.

What are Florida Motor Scooter Laws?

Florida Statutes Chapter 322 has no specific definition for motor scooters, so they fall under the definition of a motorcycle.  Since a motor scooter falls under a motorcycle’s jurisdiction, a rider must have a valid driver’s license to operate the vehicle.  If the vehicle has a motor with a displacement of over 50 cubic centimeters (ccs), an operator must have a motorcycle endorsement to ride.

Unlike an electric bicycle or a motorized scooter, the law requires riders to title and register their motor scooters in order to operate on roads.  Mopeds are not required to be registered; however, they must have a title to operate on roads.  When thinking about a motor scooter, it is best to consider it similar to any other larger vehicle on the road.

What You Should Know About Florida Motor Scooter Laws

Since motor scooter popularity is rising, Florida lawmakers are concerned with the increase in accidents involving these vehicles.  Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the laws and regulations involving motor scooters.  In order to lower the rise in severe accidents, there are specific regulations that riders must follow:

  • Those operating a motor scooter must have a driver’s license;
  • Riders may not use a motor scooter on bicycle or pedestrian lanes;
  • Riders under 16 years of age must always wear a helmet;
  • Riders do not need insurance to operate a motor scooter.  However, most recommend having insurance in the event of an accident;
  • If the motor scooter is under 5 BHP or is unable to maintain a speed of 40 MPH, riders may not operate the vehicle on an interstate or highway.

Other larger motor vehicles may have a harder time seeing motor scooters due to their size.  Large motor vehicles may also disregard the safety of motor scooter riders.  Regardless, motor vehicle drivers must consider the safety of motor scooterists.  If you suffer injuries in an accident, speak with Frank P. Marsalisi as soon as possible.

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