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One of the main types of injury claims in Florida is premises liability.  Premises liability refers to the property owner’s, property manager’s, or tenant’s responsibility to individuals on the property.  When someone suffers injuries due to hazardous conditions on the property, the individual in charge of maintaining and managing the area may be held responsible for the damages the person suffers. 

Hospital bills, the cost of rehabilitation, prescription medication, loss of income, and other financial burdens may occur due to your injury.  You can pursue legal action against the individual responsible for maintaining the property’s safety.  If their actions or inactions result in you suffering damages, you have various legal options available by partnering with a highly-qualified lawyer. 

Who Can Be Held Liability For Premises Liability in Florida?

To recover monetary compensation for the damages you suffer in an accident, you must determine the party responsible for your losses and provide evidence that their actions resulted in your injuries.  Under Florida law, there are several parties you may hold liable for your damages, including:

  • Property owners;
  • Property managers;
  • Tenants renting a store unit;
  • Property maintenance workers.

Once you determined the party or parties responsible for your injuries, you will need to use evidence to prove they were involved in the following four elements of negligence in your claim:

  • They owed you a duty of care;
  • They breached that duty of care;
  • That breach caused your injury; and
  • You sustained losses resulting from the injury.

You deserve to recover monetary compensation for the harm and stress you suffer from another person’s irresponsible and careless actions.  While no amount of money could compensate for your losses, you still deserve to hold them responsible and receive justice.  Speak with a premises liability lawyer about your options and the monetary compensation you may recover with their representation.

How Duty of Care Plays a Role in Your Premises Liability Case

Duty of care is a property owner, manager, and tenant’s legal obligation to those on their property.  This legal obligation requires the responsible party to adhere to specific standards set by legislation to provide reasonable care for their property.  However, there are three categories of duty of care those entering the property fall under.  Consider where you fall under the following sections:

  • Invitee: Those who have been invited to the property for business purposes.  This includes gardeners, service members, and salespeople, among others;
  • Licensee: Those who are on the property for social purposes or for reasons unrelated to business.  This includes family, friends, and neighbors;
  • Trespasser: Those who enter the property without the owner’s authorization.  Unless they are a child, the owner is mostly not responsible for these individuals’ safety.

The monetary compensation you are eligible for depends on which category you fall under in your premises liability claim.  Speak with your attorney about how duty of care affects your premises liability claim. 

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