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Like all private lawyers, personal injury attorneys charge fees for their legal services and guidance.  However, they also understand the financial pressure an individual often experiences after a personal injury accident.  Hospital bills, treatment costs, and other staggering financial expenses you suffer from the accident may feel burdensome and frustrating.  To assist clients without pushing another expense on their shoulders, personal injury lawyers offer various payment options.  

Many individuals hesitate to pursue legal action and receive representation from a personal injury lawyer, but many victims risk losing the justice and compensation they deserve without a lawyer.  To get the best possible representation for your claim, you must choose a lawyer who fits your needs.  Understanding the types of available payment structures and determining which is best for you is essential when selecting a lawyer.  

Common Payment Plans of Personal Injury Attorneys

Every personal injury lawyer is unique and has their own way of approaching a legal claim.  The same can be said about a lawyer’s payment plan.  When searching for the best lawyer for your claim, you will come across attorneys with several different types of payment plans.  If you want the best possible outcome for your claim, you will want to understand the three common payment plans:

Flat Fees

While on the rarer side, flat fees are still available for those who like to understand and pay costs upfront.  A lawyer will usually average the total costs associated with their services and charge a lump-sum, or flat rate fee.  Flat fees are more common for less complicated cases since the attorney can easily understand and handle the situation.  If a case is more complex and unpredictable, a flat fee may not be an option.

Paying by the Hour

You are more likely to pay by the hour than a flat fee when working with a personal injury lawyer.  A lawyer may request to pay them by the hour if the case requires significant time spent laboring for your case.  In these situations, it is likely that your case monopolizes a lawyer’s time and makes them unable to take anyone else’s case.  However, it is important to discuss the rate you are paying and whether there are any potential fees down the line.

Contingency Fee

The most common payment plan personal injury lawyers offer is a contingency fee.  Under these arrangements, you will not pay the lawyer until you confirm the settlement offer or receive your monetary compensation.  When handling the stress of a personal injury, the contingency fee contract allows you to retain professional legal representation without worrying about the cost.  Another reason so many lawyers use this method is that contingency fees involve no upfront costs and minimize the financial burden clients suffer.

Discussing and negotiating payment plans can make you anxious, but ensuring that you have the best possible legal representation for your case is essential.  Every personal injury claim is different and requires tailored legal services, so discuss the payment structure before you agree to work with a lawyer.  

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