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When pursuing a car accident claim in Florida, many people hope to know the average car accident monetary compensation to understand better what they may recover.   However, every accident, injury, and claim is unique and requires a thorough understanding of the legal situation to calculate the potential recoverable monetary compensation.   

In some cases, an individual may recover $30,000 in damages, while another may receive $100,000.  During the car accident claim process, the claims adjuster or judge/jury at trial will consider your losses to determine how much monetary compensation will deserve based on the financial burden and the pain and suffering you endured.  If you are pursuing a car accident claim in Florida, speak with an experienced St. Petersburg car accident lawyer for more information on the potential monetary compensation you may receive.   

How to Calculate Your Florida Car Accident Damages

The value of your car accident claim depends on specific factors within the collision.  To calculate your potential monetary compensation, remember the following information when gathering evidence and documentation: 

Economic Damages

When people think of damages a person suffers in an accident, their minds often wander to economic damages.  Also referred to as special damages, economic damages are those verifiable through monetary losses such as: 

  • Emergency transportation costs;
  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost wages or income;
  • Property damage or lost property;
  • Other financial losses due to the accident.

As you navigate the aftermath of a car accident, collecting any bills or receipts for expenses and lost income resulting from the accident is essential.  Showing these losses will clearly show the physical pain and burden the accident has left upon you and your family.

Non-economic Damages

While economic damages are proven through receipts and physical documentation, non-economic damages are more subjective and harder to prove since most losses do not have physical paperwork.  However, non-economic damages have just as harmful an effect on you and your family as economic damages and deserve to be considered when calculating monetary compensation.  

Consider some of the following examples of non-economic damages:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Scarring and disfigurement;
  • Loss of enjoyment;
  • Loss of companionship;
  • Emotional turmoil and distress;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The non-economic damages you suffer in an accident can harm you and your family.  While they may be challenging to prove, a highly qualified lawyer will have the knowledge and resources to communicate their devastating effect on your life and well-being.  

Punitive Damages

Car accidents that cause severe, life-threatening harm due to the negligent party’s extremely reckless behavior may be eligible for punitive damages.  A judge may award punitive damages to punish the defendant for their highly negligent actions and blatant disregard for public health and safety.  For a judge to award punitive damages, there must be a clear indicator of fault in the accident.  

If you suffer long-term, debilitating injuries in a Florida car accident, speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.  They will work on your behalf to gather information and documentation of current and future losses you suffer due to the collision.  Contact your lawyer better to understand the specifics of your potential recoverable monetary compensation.

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