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Suffering an injury because of another person or entity’s negligence can be an emotional, painful, and frustrating experience.  A severe injury could keep you out of work for months.  As you recover, you could miss out on plans you may have made, spending time with your family, and of course, the income you rely on to keep yourself afloat.  It’s a stressful experience that can leave you with several questions, and you might be unsure of who you can turn to for help.

At Marsalisi Law, our Clearwater personal injury lawyers have helped many people in Clearwater, Florida, in situations like yours overcome common obstacles that arise when filing a personal injury claim.  We help injury victims complete the path to recovery.  Personal injury attorney Frank P. Marsalisi dedicates his career to helping people in and around Clearwater receive justice after a personal injury or car accident.  If you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, if you’re in pain, or if you’re worried about your future, we can put your mind at ease.

We Fight for Victims of Personal Injury Accidents in Clearwater, FL

Personal injury cases usually involve many parties and details, making them some of the more complex civil cases to litigate.  The interests of big insurance companies are usually at odds with victims’ interests.  While personal injury victims seek a fair monetary claim to help them recover from the costs of their injuries, insurance companies fight against them to protect their profit margins.  It’s imperative to work with an experienced Clearwater personal injury attorney who understands how insurance companies think and operate. 

If you were hurt in a premises liability accident, such as a slip and fall in Clearwater, you could also face challenges from the owner of the property or the city if you were hurt on public property.  You can expect all these parties to have their own teams of attorneys defending your claim.  At Marsalisi Law, we take on the duty of gathering all the evidence pertinent to your accident so we can make a strong case for compensation.

A competent personal injury lawyer can bring the following to the table:

  • Fully understanding the claims process and help you with every step of filing a claim to increase your chance of success;
  • A personal injury attorney can help you learn the value of your case and what is the most likely outcome;
  • Standing up for your right to pursue damages after an injury and will not be overcome by the intimidation tactics used by large insurance companies;
  • Taking on the responsibility of meeting all filing requirements and deadlines so you can focus on your health.

When Should You Contact a Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney to File a Claim?

Now is the time to contact a skilled Clearwater injury lawyer.  Below, you will find that Florida law imposes strict limitations on the time you have to file a lawsuit.  It can also be time-consuming to prepare a claim, as it often involves extensive research concerning the parties, accidents, and injuries in question.  A thorough investigation can assist in identifying other parties who may be at fault, gathering evidence of their negligence, determining the extent of the injuries you sustained, and determining the nature of your losses.  A claim must have all of this information to be effective. 

This is why you should never ignore your injuries or delay contacting a Clearwater injury attorney. After your health has stabilized, we recommend you speak to a personal injury attorney in our office as soon as you are able.  

Understanding Florida’s Statute of Limitations for Accident Cases

You have a limited amount of time in which you can resolve a personal injury claim in Florida.  The statute of limitations varies for the different types of cases:

  • Personal Injury: 4 years from the date of the accident;
  • Wrongful Death: 2 years from the date of your loved one’s death;
  • Defective Products: 4 years from the date of the injury;
  • Medical Malpractice: 2 years from the date of the malpractice which caused your injury or within two years of when you became aware of your injury.

If you’ve recently been hurt, do not delay in seeking qualified legal counsel from a trustworthy accident lawyer in Clearwater.  Whether you suffered from a trip or slip and fall, medical malpractice, wrongful death, motorcycle accident, car accident, scooter accident, pedestrian accident, or other vehicle accident, you can trust Frank P. Marsalisi to have the experience necessary to help you receive justice at this difficult time.

Accidents Can Result in Severe Injuries

Although some accidents result in relatively minor injuries, many others result in catastrophic injuries.  Injuries commonly at issue in our Clearwater personal injury cases include:

  • Brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Back and neck injuries;
  • Paralysis;
  • Fractured or sprained bones;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Disfigurement; 
  • Burns and scarring;
  • Amputations; and
  • Internal bleeding or organ damage.

After any type of accident, even if you are not convinced that you sustained serious injuries, you should still go to the doctor for a full medical evaluation as soon as possible.  Even though some injuries may not be immediately visible, a timely diagnosis can serve as a strong indication that the accident you were involved in was the one that resulted in your injuries.  A member of our Clearwater legal team should be your next call if you are diagnosed with any type of injury that requires treatment.

Bringing Successful Injury Claims against Multiple Parties 

There can be a wide range of injuries that result in personal injury claims, as well as the types of lawsuits and the parties involved in the lawsuits.  A number of different parties can act negligently and cause injury. Some of these include:

  • A reckless, drunk, or aggressive driver;
  • Roadways that are poorly designed, inspected, maintained, or repaired by public authorities;
  • Businesses that fail to maintain a safe premise for all visitors, employees, and business partners;
  • Defective products made and sold by manufacturers or companies;
  • A company that hires a poorly qualified or dangerous individual, or an institution that fails to properly train its employees;
  • Patients who suffer injuries or complications caused by medical professionals; and
  • Employers who fail to comply with health and safety regulations.

When a third party causes or contributes to your injuries, the law provides you with the right to obtain adequate compensation from the responsible party. 

Your personal injury case is greatly affected by the nature and severity of your injuries and the losses you suffered as a result.  Your losses are likely extensive if you suffer severe and long-lasting bodily and emotional injuries, which can result in losses extending from medical expenses and lost wages to lost future earning potential and pain and suffering.  Nevertheless, even if your injuries are relatively minor, you may still be eligible for compensation for your medical bills and any other losses you have suffered, so you should not hesitate to contact our personal injury lawyers in Clearwater, FL right away.  We will fight for the full compensation you are entitled to.

Experience Is Key to Your Clearwater Personal Injury Case

A few key questions are essential to selecting the right personal injury lawyer in Clearwater, FL. Learn how many cases your attorney currently handles.  A lawyer who handles too many cases will have very limited time for you.  At Marsalisi Law, a high volume of cases is not our goal. Providing quality legal services is a priority for us.  Therefore, we take the time to listen to your needs whenever you require our services.  In order to serve you effectively, we will examine your case carefully and come up with a strategy that aligns with your goals.  Here are some of the benefits of enlisting a team of seasoned Clearwater personal injury attorneys: 

Record of Winning Injury Cases 

Since we have represented countless clients in similar situations to yours, we are familiar with insights into your case, the courtroom, and appropriate ways to deal with your particular situation.  When the case turns in a different direction, we are capable of switching gears and keeping you informed throughout the process.  We view your case as more than just a number; it is an opportunity to make a positive impact on your life and set you up for a better life after this tragedy.  Your case will be given our full attention, resources, and effort until you receive a just payment.

Higher Settlement Figure 

An injury and its resulting impact on your life should be fully compensated.  Don’t let the insurance company manipulate you into accepting a low settlement.  Entrust us with your case.  In the course of the negotiation process, we will ensure all damages and expenses have been correctly valued so insurers know we can take the case further if need be.  

Less Stress

With the help of our injury attorneys, you can focus on getting better instead of worrying about your case.  Your entire case will be taken care of, including discovering and documenting all the evidence.  All documentation and correspondence with insurance companies will be our responsibility.

Individualized Service

Personal injuries often leave you feeling completely depleted of energy, without hope for an improvement or progress in your case.  Our personal injury lawyers are here to listen to your story, represent your voice, and let you know what we can do to help you.  All you need to do is call and we will be there to assist.  We will keep you updated on the case in a timely manner.

Our Top-Rated Personal Injury Attorney in Clearwater, FL Will Take Your Case Personally

Make no mistake, working with a Clearwater personal injury attorney is the key to obtaining the fair settlement you deserve.  Frank P. Marsalisi will aggressively fight to help you gain compensation for all accident-related expenses so you can get back to living a full life.  He will keep you updated on your case regularly and can even communicate with you in Spanish as a fluent speaker.  Our contingency fee means our firm will not accept payment unless we win your case.

Call (727) 800-5052 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.  We’re available around the clock to guide you through this process.  

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