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Collisions frequently occur on Florida’s busy streets and highways, especially during  a storm.  Hazardous weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain can make roads slick, less visible, and more dangerous for everyone traversing them.  When driving in these conditions, it is essential to exercise extra caution to avoid accidents.  However, when collisions occur, many victims are unsure who can be responsible for their injuries.  Victims often have grounds to file a personal injury claim against the driver who hit them.  

If you suffered injuries in a bad weather accident in Florida, you deserve monetary compensation for the full scope of the damages you have endured.  At Marsalisi Law, our skilled attorney Frank P. Marsalisi has ample experience advocating for Floridians’ rights and interests and achieving favorable outcomes.  He is committed to fighting aggressively for justice and the best possible outcome on your behalf.  

Establishing Liability in an Inclement Weather Car Accident Claim

Because no driver can control the weather, they are expected to exercise extra care and know how to adapt to inclement conditions.  When drivers act negligently and do not exercise proper caution during storms, hurricanes, and other hazardous weather events, they may be held liable if they cause an accident.  Some common examples of negligence in bad weather accident claims include the following:

  • Any driving behaviors that would be equally reckless during ideal conditions;
  • Driving a car with known maintenance issues, such as worn tires or brakes;
  • Failing to take adequate precautions to drive safely in hazardous weather conditions;
  • Failing to turn on the vehicle’s headlights;
  • Tailgating other vehicles;
  • Speeding or driving too fast on slick roads or during poor visibility conditions.

While negligent drivers typically are the liable party in bad weather accident cases, these accidents can also be caused by improper road design and lack of upkeep.  A seasoned car accident attorney can thoroughly investigate your case to hold all parties accountable for your injuries, including government entities responsible for road maintenance.  

Evidence That Can Support Your Bad Weather Car Accident Claim

While evidence is vital to any personal injury claim, having strong evidence is crucial when pursuing justice for a hazardous weather accident.  Weather events like storms or icy conditions pass within a matter of days or even hours, making investigating these accidents complex.  Evidence can establish the exact weather conditions at the time of the accident and show how they may have affected the negligent driver’s behavior and your subsequent injuries.  

A few pieces of evidence that may be able to support your claim include the following:

  • Photos and videos of the weather conditions and accident scene;
  • Photos of the vehicles involved in the accident;
  • Cell phone records;
  • Expert witness testimonies;
  • Weather reports;
  • Eyewitness testimonies.

At Marsalisi Law, our attorney is dedicated to thoroughly investigating car accident claims and collecting evidence to hold negligent parties responsible for the pain and suffering they have caused.  

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