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Florida is known for having a variety of drivers on the road.  However, vehicles share the road with more than just cars.  Bicyclists are uniquely positioned on the road and operate with little protective gear around larger, fast cars.  The combination of a lack of protection and the proximity to various types of drivers causes cyclists to suffer from dangerous and life-threatening accidents.  

While most of those responsible for bicycle accidents are motor vehicles, others may hold some responsibility for the crash.  Property managers, construction companies, and those in charge of road safety may also bear responsibility for the crash.  For example, if a piece of construction is left in the road and causes you to move out into the road, they may be held responsible for any harm you suffer.  Speak with your lawyer to learn how to determine and prove who is liable for your accident.

What Types of Evidence Can Help Your Bicycle Accident Claim?

To recover monetary compensation for the medical, physical, emotional, and financial losses you suffer in an accident, you must provide evidence of the responsible party’s negligence and how it caused your injuries.  Some of the following ways you may prove the negligent party’s fault include:

  • Injury documents;
  • Witness testimony;
  • Video and photos;
  • Physical evidence;
  • Scene or accident evidence.

Some of the most substantial pieces of evidence exist at the accident scene.  However, if you suffer severe injuries and require emergency medical attention, you may not be able to gather evidence from the scene.  A lawyer may be able to use their knowledge and investigatory skills to gather compelling evidence on your behalf.

How a Bicycle Accident Impacts Your Life

Unlike a car, bicycles do not have a cage around the person operating the vehicle.  Riders’ protective gear cannot block the significance of a motor vehicle’s impact on the rider.  Most cyclists sustain injuries from the initial collision and from hitting other objects around the accident scene.  Injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, and even fatalities are common in Florida bicycle accidents.

Those who suffer debilitating injuries may lose the ability to participate in sports, once-loved activities, family events, and other social events they previously enjoyed.  They may become unable to perform the necessary tasks for their career and lose their job.  The stress and financial losses place a heavy burden on the shoulders of injured cyclists.  Pursuing legal action against the negligent party may provide you with the monetary compensation and justice you need for a smooth recovery.

Statute of Limitations for Bicycle Accidents in Florida

With most injury accidents and claims, there is a time limit on how long an injured person has to file a lawsuit against the negligent party.  In Florida, cyclists injured in a bicycle accident must file a claim against the person responsible within four years of the accident.  However, the sooner you pursue legal action, the more time you and your lawyer have to gather information and evidence.  

As time passes, information may be misplaced, and it will be more challenging to connect the injuries you face to the collision.  Having someone on your side throughout the medical and legal process plays a huge role in recovering the best possible outcome for your claim.  Contact a St. Petersburg bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible so you can begin the investigation process and receive honest advice and guidance from a compassionate and responsive injury lawyer.  

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