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Living in Florida, many people have the advantage of sunny, warm weather throughout most of the year.  This gives a lot of Floridians an excellent opportunity to be outdoors.  A popular and fun way to exercise and get fresh air is riding a bicycle.

Despite being a great way to get outdoors, we have seen many injured people needing our experienced team at Marsalisi Law to provide legal representation in a bicycle accident case.  On average, one pedestrian and one cyclist are involved in a Tampa Bay crash every day.  People gravitate towards different parks and bike routes in the Tampa Bay area, but what are the most bike-friendly paths to safely enjoy?  Here is some information about bike-riding safety in the Tampa Bay Area.

How Can Bike Riding Be Dangerous?

Although it is an excellent form of exercise and even a great sport, bike riding in streets, neighborhoods, and unsafe areas does not come without risks.  Riding without a helmet, without reflective lights at night, or disobeying traffic laws are among the ways riding a bike can become dangerous.  The more hazardous areas for bike riding have high street and pedestrian traffic levels, such as sidewalks and uncontrolled intersections.

Pedestrians can get in the way of cyclists and cause an accident where both are injured.  Some roads do not have adequate signals or crosswalks, which can cause the road to be dangerous, especially if they do not have marked lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.  Fortunately, the Tampa Bay area has different trails and safer zones where bicycle riders can avoid bustling traffic and other hazards while enjoying the outdoors.

What Are the Safest Bicycle Friendly Routes in the Tampa Bay Area?

The Tampa Bay Area is a great place to live if you love the outdoors.  With plenty of parks, nature trails, and waterways, there are plenty of places to ride a bike.  Here are some areas to safely ride a bicycle in Tampa Bay.

Hillsborough River State Park

The Hillsborough River State Park has over 12 miles of trails that wind through the trees, sometimes with waterfront views.  It is a great place to enjoy the Tampa Bay weather and join others when going outdoors.

The Pinellas Trail

The Pinellas is a 41-mile trail that runs from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs.  This trail is known as one of the best bike routes in Florida, and it is away from major roadways.

Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Located on the western side of Tampa, this 2,144-acre park has a great trail to run, walk, skate, or bike.  The 7.25-mile-long path is away from motorized vehicles and is a safer way to ride bikes outdoors.

Downtown Tampa Route

There are various biking lanes, biking areas, and bike racks in Tampa’s downtown area, creating a safe community to cycle in.  With many people enjoying the outdoors, this route is a great way to join others in riding bicycles safely.

Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve

The Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve is a beautiful area to get fresh air and enjoy 16,000 acres of forest and uplands.  There are more than 60 miles of trails to ride a bike, run, and enjoy the outdoors.

How to Ride Bicycles Safely with Children

Many bike-friendly routes around Tampa Bay are away from roadways.  However, this does not equate to being free of dangers or hazards.  Most importantly, riding a bicycle and being cautious go hand-in-hand, especially when riding with young children.  Here are some safety tips when riding a bicycle with kids:

  • Always obey all traffic laws and use hand signals;
  • Go slow when you are near pedestrians;
  • Stop at crossings with lights;
  • Maintain a reasonable speed your whole group can follow;
  • If riding at night, use reflective lights on bicycles.

Riding a bicycle is a fun and entertaining experience for many to enjoy, especially in Florida.  Following tips like these will help keep the community safe for cyclists and pedestrians.  If you are ever in the unfortunate event of a bicycle accident, our experienced bicycle accident attorneys in the Tampa Bay Area can help you with your case.

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