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Until now, The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic eCourse was only available on desktops and laptop computers. Starting this month the course is available on a variety of mobile platforms, including iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and other tablets. Riders who have completed the three-hour course covering theory, facts, operational procedures, riding and safety tips, understand how valuable this information can be.

What is the Basic eCourse?

The Basic eCourse is available for $19.99 and can be taken as a standalone course or be paired with the complete Basic Rider Course that features classroom discussions, lessons, and riding exercises. The eCourse has been taken by more than 60,000 students in 39 countries. It’s a visually dynamic experience with video, photos, graphics, and audio. The eCourse will be available in Spanish later this year.

BRC is an 18-hour program. Riders who successfully graduate from the program are often eligible for motorcycle insurance discounts, and, depending on your state’s regulations, are waived from having to take a road test when applying for their motorcycle license. To learn more about the Basic eCourse or MSF’s hands-on courses, visit

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