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Hopefully, you’re smarter than the guy in the video, but if you ever do something that stupid, “Talk to Frank.” Attorney Frank Marsalisi believes that every client deserves his full attention. A paralegal or case manager will never manage your case. Frank not only fights for your rights, but he also handles your insurance and hospital issues so you can concentrate on your medical recovery.frank5 copy

If you can’t come to Frank, he’ll come to you. Frank will listen to your story. He’ll consider all the facts and assess your case. He’ll give you his best advice, without charging you a penny.

If you have a case, Frank will take it on. And you still won’t owe anything until you win a settlement. Frank will stand up for you against powerful, wealthy companies and people. And if your case goes to trial, Frank will represent you personally. Frank has always been on your side. He’s a St. Pete native who has always worked for the plaintiff.

Personal attention to personal injury.