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No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can be injured.  Whether it’s on the road, on the job, or in your home, you can sustain severe injuries through no fault of your own.  When you are hurt, you can suddenly find yourself faced with serious medical conditions, medical bills, property damage, and other unexpected expenses.  Fortunately, there is help available in Lealman, Florida. 

The Lealman personal injury lawyers at Marsalisi Law will fight to make sure all responsible parties are held liable and that you get the payout you deserve.  If you want to maximize your award or settlement, it’s best to hire a skilled attorney who will represent your interests.  With Frank P. Marsalisi of Marsalisi Law on your side, you can rest assured your case is in the right hands.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi is a long-standing member of the Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association and holds a perfect 10.0 Avvo rating.  His knowledge of personal injury law and experience enable him to fearlessly advocate for clients in Lealman, Florida. 

How Marsalisi Law Represents Lealman Injury Victims 

A personalized approach and powerful representation are more than just what you expect from your attorney; they’re what you deserve.  These two factors drive Marsalisi Law’s approach.  In the legal field, Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi is an authority and well-known leader.  He uses his determination and skill to achieve the best results and will meet with you to understand your story on a personal level. 

When it comes to representing you, Frank P. Marsalisi will assess your situation, help you work through the process with the insurance companies, and assemble the strongest possible case.  From the start, he prepares each case for trial, showing the opposing side that your case is personal. 

Personal Injury Areas We Focus on in Lealman

The causes of accidents can vary widely, but the results are virtually the same no matter how they occur.  Out of nowhere, it may seem like your whole life has taken a turn for the worse, and your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing has been compromised by an unfortunate incident that could have been avoided.  It isn’t any easier to navigate the insurance world, either. 

If you believe someone else is at fault for your accident, Marsalisi Law can assist you with the following: 

At Marsalisi Law, we know we cannot undo the damaging effects of accidents.  As much as we’d like to, we can’t restore your physical or mental capacity to what it was before your accident and injuries.  However, we will get you all the compensation you are entitled to under the law.  We will work diligently to protect your rights and ensure you’re fully reimbursed for all your monetary and personal losses.

What Compensation Can I Recover in My Personal Injury Case? 

Florida awards damages in personal injury suits in three separate categories: economic, non-economic, and punitive.  Generally, the type and amount of damages recoverable are determined by the specific facts of your case.  Want more information?  Marsalisi Law is here to answer your questions and review what you may be entitled to.  In the meantime, here’s a run-through of each form of recovery. 

Economic Damages

Economic damages compensate you for the financial costs incurred because of your injuries.  The purpose of economic damages is to restore your financial position to what it would have been if not for the accident.  An economic damages award may include:

  • Emergency care expenses;
  • Past and future medical bills;
  • Past and future rehabilitation and treatment costs; 
  • Property damage;
  • Long-term care; 
  • Lost wages; and
  • Reduced earning capacity. 

Non-Economic Damages

Accident victims are typically harmed in ways that have no dollar value.  These are called non-economic damages.  There is often a level of subjectivity to these losses, making them difficult to calculate.  Consequently, a compensation award of non-economic damages can differ significantly from one case to the next and usually requires the insight of a Lealman personal injury lawyer to value.  The following non-economic damages may be awarded in your case:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);
  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Bodily disfigurement and scarring;
  • Loss of companionship; and
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.

Punitive Damages 

Florida does not award punitive damages in every personal injury case.  Since punitive damages are meant to punish a defendant for unreasonable conduct, courts restrict the scope of punitive damages in your case unless the defendant acted outrageously with intentional misconduct or gross negligence.

Qualified Representation for Injured Accident Victims in Lealman 

Low settlement offers are insulting and unacceptable.  Far too many accident victims choose not to consult an attorney following an accident or injury.  As a result, they settle on undervalued compensation.  A personal injury lawyer can help you make sense of your legal options, enabling you to avoid accepting an inadequate settlement.  Get in touch with Marsalisi Law for advice about a recent accident, compensation for your personal injuries, or other legal matters in your case. 

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“You can’t go wrong with Frank Marsalisi!”

Frank was referred to me by a former client of his after my accident with nothing but great reviews, both professionally and personally. From day one there was a level of comfortability and trust built based on what would be in my best interest moving forward. Never once did Frank make my case about what was in it for him but about healing my injuries in order to move on as normal as possible with my life.

– Karlie

“One of a kind lawyer …brilliance!”

Frank has exceptional auto accident liability law abilities and he is also very well-versed in state auto insurance laws. One of the things I like about Frank is that he never tried to sugar coat anything for me. If we were headed for trouble, he would let me know what the trouble was and what our options were. I always appreciated his honesty. This is trait that I do not find in many of today’s lawyers but Frank has performed integrity well beyond his means.

– Ms. C. M. Fraser


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