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Car accidents happen every minute of every day, and that rate continues to rise.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly three million people—motorcycle riders, car and truck occupants, bicyclists, Uber and Lyft passengers, and pedestrians—are injured in car wrecks each year. 

If another driver or entity was responsible for the crash, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation.  Florida law allows car accident victims to recover compensatory damages when a wreck is caused by another’s negligent conduct.  Effective legal representation from a Lealman car accident lawyer is critical to ensure you are fairly compensated for the injuries and losses you’ve endured through third-party negligence. 

At Marsalisi Law, Frank P. Marsalisi is dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims.  Do not settle for a reduced amount from insurance companies and stay silent about what you deserve.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi realizes the actual value of your case and will work relentlessly to safeguard your rights and best interests.  Marsalisi Law has recovered millions of dollars in awards and settlements for thousands of personal injury victims, and we strive to accomplish the same for you. 

Why Should I Work with a Lealman Car Accident Lawyer? 

When you’ve been injured in a wreck, your mind is consumed by various thoughts: Will I be able to work?  Are my injuries permanent?  How am I going to pay for my medical expenses?  To make matters worse, you have to manage potentially ruthless insurers who don’t seem to empathize with your injuries or struggles.  Their only concern is protecting their company’s investments and assets.  These added stressors can aggravate your injuries and lead to significant emotional turmoil. 

A strong legal partner is imperative to get you through this trying time—one who can handle negotiating with insurers and is aware of the deceiving tactics they employ to minimize your settlement.  The most prudent step you can take is to hire a personal injury attorney in Lealman, Florida to represent you.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi is well-versed in the tricks of the trade pulled by insurance companies.  His understanding of our client’s problems and worries allows him to protect them from being intimidated or manipulated by insurance companies.  Don’t fight for a car accident claim alone.  Marsalisi Law will take care of you by: 

  • Finding out who is at fault for your car accident by performing a comprehensive investigation;
  • Informing you of your legal rights and responsibilities;
  • Minimizing your involvement in the accident if others attempt to place fault on you;
  • Obtaining an expert opinion and professional advice regarding the value of your case; and
  • Standing up to insurers and other parties who deny liability, forcing them to take your case personally. 

How Serious Are Car Accidents in Lealman? 

All car accidents are dangerous and can be serious.  The severity of your injuries and the possibility of fatality will depend on the type and circumstances of the car accident.  Usually, there are four types of crashes we often encounter—rollover, head-on, rear-end, and side-impact collisions.  This list excludes wrecks with pedestrians and bicyclists, although Florida is considered one of the deadliest places for pedestrians.

Any of these accidents can cause devastating injuries, affecting the brain, spine, and internal organs, and produce fractures, concussions, cuts, burns, internal bleeding, burns, and more.  The risk of disabling injuries or death increases with specific crash factors like speed, distraction, involvement of drugs or alcohol, and weather. 

Recoverable Damages After a Car Accident in Lealman 

The financial difficulties that you may endure after a car accident can be significant.  The cost of medical care, even with health insurance, is high.  If you factor in the costs of missing work, trips to the doctor, and a damaged vehicle, you may find yourself facing a serious financial crisis.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi will determine if you may be compensated for the following losses:  

  • Medical and emergency care costs;
  • Future medical and rehabilitation costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost earning capacity;
  • Property damage;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Funeral expenses.

If needed, we can consult with accident and injury experts to firmly establish your case.  Their expertise can help us get better acquainted with the technical elements of your case and understand the connection between the severity of your injuries and your future.  We can use these specifics to set a more accurate value for your case.

Whenever the time comes to negotiate with an opposing party, we’ll be prepared with professional judgments, factual evidence, and a very robust argument.  Taking such a detailed approach could go a long way in securing the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Call Our Lealman Car Crash Attorneys for a Consultation 

Car accident victims deserve nothing less than the full attention and focus of a qualified Lealman car crash lawyer.  You can expect complete and continuous support from Marsalisi Law.  Rely on us to take care of your paperwork, negotiate and resolve your legal disputes, and hold all responsible parties liable for their wrongdoings to make sure you get your full and fair compensation.  

Frank P. Marsalisi is an established member of the Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association with an excellent Avvo rating of 10.  He gets proven results because of his passion, knowledge, and experience. 

For a free consultation, call Marsalisi Law at (727) 800-5052 or complete our online contact form to discuss your case today. 

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“You can’t go wrong with Frank Marsalisi!”

Frank was referred to me by a former client of his after my accident with nothing but great reviews, both professionally and personally. From day one there was a level of comfortability and trust built based on what would be in my best interest moving forward. Never once did Frank make my case about what was in it for him but about healing my injuries in order to move on as normal as possible with my life.

– Karlie

“One of a kind lawyer …brilliance!”

Frank has exceptional auto accident liability law abilities and he is also very well-versed in state auto insurance laws. One of the things I like about Frank is that he never tried to sugar coat anything for me. If we were headed for trouble, he would let me know what the trouble was and what our options were. I always appreciated his honesty. This is trait that I do not find in many of today’s lawyers but Frank has performed integrity well beyond his means.

– Ms. C. M. Fraser


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