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Driving remains the most popular mode of transportation in Florida, and accidents are unfortunately inevitable.  The injuries sustained in these accidents can range from minor self-healing abrasions to severe trauma that could lead to fatality.  No matter the severity of injury that you or your loved one is dealing with, an experienced St. Petersburg auto accident lawyer can help.

How to Prepare for a Consultation with Your Florida Car Accident Injury Lawyer

As you get ready to sit down with your Florida car accident attorney, consider bringing these few specific items to ensure you make the most of your meeting:

Police Report

These unbiased documents state the cause of the accident, identify the at-fault party, and list any injuries or deaths resulting from the crash.  The police report is a vital piece of evidence to support your insurance claim or lawsuit.  If you cannot obtain a copy of the police report after the crash, your lawyer can acquire it on your behalf.

Medical Records

Your official medical records will provide detailed information about your injuries and the extent of ongoing care you will need to heal.  Medical records are essential to personal injury claims as they are evidence of personal injuries related to the car accident.

Insurance Information

Bring any automobile insurance and health insurance cards that you have.   This information is important because it may identify the benefits you are eligible to receive.

Photo Evidence

Your attorney can use photos you took of your injuries, property damage, the crash scene, and any other relevant information to help strengthen your claim.  Your lawyer may also search for any video footage of the incident.

Witness Contacts

If you were able to collect the names and contact information of potential witnesses, be prepared to give those to your lawyer so they can reach out to them and gather statements.

Car Documents

To recover compensation for damages to your vehicle, your attorney may need specific information regarding your car, such as any receipts of recent work done to the vehicle and warranty information.

Questions to Ask Your Florida Car Accident Attorney

You should also consider preparing several questions for your potential Florida car accident lawyer to answer during your consultation, such as:

  • Do you think my claim will settle, or do you expect this to go to trial?
  • What is your plan to recover compensation for my damages?
  • How will liability be determined in my case?
  • Do you foresee any potential obstacles in my case?
  • How many car accident cases have you handled?
  • What is your success rate with car accident cases?
  • How long have you practiced personal injury law?
  • Are you able to represent me in court if needed?
  • What will you need me to do?

By doing your due diligence and arriving at your consultation with the above items and prepared questions, you will have put yourself in the best position for the attorney to represent your claim properly.  Showing up prepared will also help ease your nerves and ensure your relationship with your lawyer starts on the right foot.

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Not all personal injury lawyers are created equal.  They vary in car accident experience, cost, communication skills, and trust.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi prioritizes his clients’ experiences, understands what it takes to defend their rights, and fights diligently to recover the compensation his clients deserve for the damages they suffered in Florida car accidents.

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