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As you travel on the open road on your motorcycle, passing by beautiful Florida sites and landscapes, it may not occur to you that you are wearing lifesaving safety gear. Contrary to what some insurance companies and their adjusters may believe, most motorcyclists employ defensive driving practices to ensure their safety and others. However, not all motorcyclists wear protective gear that may prevent them from experiencing injuries or even fatality. Impact-rated helmets, armored gloves and bodysuits, and further face protection could make the difference in an accident caused by negligence.

Wearing the right motorcycle gear may save your life and potentially prevent accidents by offering more visibility to other motorists on the road. In fact, motorcyclists are 37% less likely to experience a motorcycle collision when they choose to wear fluorescent, high-visibility clothing.

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Life-Saving Motorcycle Gear You Should Wear When You Ride in Florida

Mandated motorcycle gear laws vary from state to state, governing what motorcyclists must wear each time they hit the open road. It is essential to abide by Florida regulations when choosing the right motorcycle gear.

The following are lifesaving motorcycle safety gear you should wear when you ride in Florida:

Helmet Laws

While not legally required in Florida, one of the most crucial components of protective motorcycle gear you should wear to ensure your safety is a helmet. The helmet should comply with Federal Motorcycle Vehicle Safety Standard 218, overseen by the US Department of Transportation. According to the NHTSA, helmets reduce the risk of death by 37-42% and have saved the lives of 19,230 motorcyclists, with an additional 12,320 lives that would have been saved had they worn a helmet. Opting for the impact-rated helmets offers the best protection from collision-related injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries.

Eye Protection Device

In Florida, you must wear eye-protective devices to ensure that your vision is not limited by debris, rocks, insects, and other objects. If your vision becomes impaired, you are more likely to experience an accident or may be less likely to react quickly in the event of a hazard.

Armored Bodysuits

Wearing an armored bodysuit significantly reduces the severity of the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, with a 23% lower risk of injury associated with motorcycle jackets and 39% for motorcycle pants for leg injuries compared to non-motorcycle gear. Protective gear made from high-quality leather and Gore-Tex also protects against lacerations, road burns, and other injuries.

Armored Gloves and Boots

A motorcycle accident can occur in a split second, and most motorcyclists tend to try and catch their fall with their hands. Opting to wear armored gloves may significantly reduce the risk of injury by 45%. Armored gloves can help reduce the point of impact, which can cause road rash and broken bones in the arm and wrist.

Durable riding boots may prevent twisting, lacerations and other injuries to the feet or ankles by 45%. However, wearing non-riding boots instead of tennis shoes also helps prevent injury. Lastly, we recommend never wearing sandals or beach wear while riding.

Potential Damages You May Recover in a Motorcycle Accident in Florida

The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 75% of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle, most frequently passenger cars, primarily due to failing to detect motorcyclists in traffic.

If you sustained any injuries in a motorcycle accident in Florida due to motorist negligence, you may be eligible to seek monetary compensation in the form of damages. This may include financial losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, disability, loss of ability to work, emotional suffering, and others.

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Wearing protective motorcycle safety gear may significantly reduce your chances of injury and even death. However, due to the unprotected nature of motorcycles and the lack of safety features, a negligent motorist may still inflict harm in a motorcycle accident. At Marsalisi Law, we offer personalized representation and vigorously fight for the fair and just monetary compensation you are owed for the suffering you have endured.

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