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If your injuries after a motorcycle accident are severe, emergency responders will transport you to the closest emergency department.  At the ED, medical personnel and doctors will evaluate you and treat you for any severe injuries.  In addition, they’ll take X-rays and perform tests to discover any internal injuries you may have.  Once it is determined that your injuries are stable and not life-threatening, the emergency department doctors will more than likely discharge you from the hospital with medications and further instructions to follow up with a physician.  You may still need treatment, and finding a doctor’s office that accepts your insurance could be challenging.

There are four things you should keep in mind when searching for a doctor after a motorcycle accident.  Something that may come as a pleasant surprise to some accident victims is that a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorney can help you find a doctor who can treat your injuries. With experience handling accident claims, they likely know the best doctors in the area.

Don’t Rely Solely on Your Primary Care Physician

You may have been going to your primary doctor for years, but you shouldn’t rely on them to treat injuries following a motorcycle accident.  First, accident injuries are most likely not their area of focus: primary care is.  Even so, you can call your primary doctor, and they can recommend a specialist to you.

Second, your medical records are vital evidence when it comes to injury claims.  Medical charts at primary care physician offices typically only have a few sentences or boxes checked with what’s bothering you.  If your primary care physician does not take comprehensive notes of your injury, this may hurt your case as the insurance company will only be able to evaluate the injuries listed by your physician.  In other words, if your physician fails to list in their medical records a complaint you tell them, it is as if you did not suffer this injury.  Physicians who frequently handle these types of injury claims will typically have more detailed notes, which can help the insurance company properly evaluate your injury claim.

Credentials and Reputation

Another thing to consider when searching for a doctor is their credentials and reputation in the medical community.  Look for someone with excellent credentials, qualifications, and board certification.  Their credentials are essential to your health and recovery.  A doctor who is well-credentialed in their field with the appropriate certifications can be helpful if they are ever required to testify on your behalf at a jury trial.

Office Location and Accessibility

You’ll also want to find a doctor that’s close to where you live.  Depending on your injuries, you may need to come back for multiple follow-up appointments or physical therapy sessions.  Most physical therapy sessions run two to three times a week and can go for as long as a year.  Choosing a doctor who’s far away may result in you not wanting or being able to attend appointments.  These potential gaps in treatment may affect your recovery and also potential compensation.  NOTE: You may seek reimbursement for your travel costs to and from medical appointments from the at-fault insurance carrier.

Available Payment Methods

Doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and physical therapy are expensive.  During your treatment, you may feel stressed by the amount of debt you incur.  Therefore, you’ll want to choose a doctor who accepts your auto insurance and/or health insurance.  You can find this out by calling the doctor’s office and verifying before your first appointment.

If you can’t find a specialist who will accept your insurance, see if they’ll accept payment once your settlement comes in.  Some physicians understand the needs of accident victims and will work with them.

Reach out to a Skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorney in St. Petersburg

Motorcycle accidents can cause severe injury and bring about thousands of dollars in medical bills.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi knows how to handle these cases and will fight for you to obtain the maximum amount of compensation deserved.  In addition to representing you, Attorney Marsalisi may be able to recommend specialists in the St. Petersburg area to help treat your injuries if you are unable to find any on your own.

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