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Many Florida residents spend significant free time around public swimming pools.  While enjoying the water with friends and family offers an escape from the heat, there are also major risks around the deck.  In the United States, around 11 people drown daily due to negligence and other factors.  Some of the most at-risk are children between the ages of one and four.  There are also severe injuries from non-fatal drowning accidents that may cause disabilities and major changes in someone’s life.  

If another person’s negligence inflicts serious injuries in or around a swimming pool, you may have the ability to take legal action and recover monetary compensation for your damages.  Marsalisi Law has years of experience protecting and fighting for the rights of St. Petersburg residents.  You deserve to enjoy the pool without fear of losing your life or suffering injuries.  When someone’s recklessness inflicts harm on you, immediately speak with Frank P. Marsalisi to discuss your legal options today.

Injuries Sustained in a St. Petersburg Swimming Pool Accident

The water is not the only area where a person may suffer injuries at a swimming pool.  Most public swimming pools have inside facilities or a deck where people may enjoy sitting and changing into swimsuits.  Slippery floors, uneven surfaces, and other damaged equipment can cause severe harm and possibly long-term injuries.  

Consider a few common injuries someone may encounter after a swimming pool accident:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI);
  • Cuts and scrapes;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Back injuries;
  • Neck injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Disfigurement and scars.

The injuries you suffer can change your life drastically.  Both your physical and emotional state may endure challenges. You deserve to seek justice and hold someone accountable for the harm they inflict.   

What Causes Swimming Pool Accidents?

In order to prevent individuals from encountering dangers and suffering harm, there are many elements pool owners and supervisors must oversee before allowing those on the premises.  If they ignore those dangers, swimmers and those around the pool may sustain serious harm.  The following are a few ways individuals can suffer injuries around a swimming pool:

Poorly Lit Pools

A person may slip into the pool or on the deck without proper lighting.  It may also cause the lifeguard or others to not notice when someone is in trouble or needs assistance.

Slippery Decks

Broken bones, brain injuries, and lacerations are a few types of injuries often caused by slip-and-falls.  If a deck is slippery, it is the lifeguard or pool supervisor’s duty to warn guests or resolve the issue before someone gets hurt.

Poor Water Clarity

Another factor imposing a lifeguard’s ability to see whether someone is drowning is murky pool water.  If a pool is too unclear or raining too hard, they may not be able to see the bottom of the pool where someone needs help.  They must ensure they can see the bottom of the pool for safety reasons.  


With too many people in the pool, rescue attempts may be jeopardized, and people may become unable to navigate the waters properly.

Poorly Marked Pools

A pool should have proper markers indicating the depth of the pool to allow weaker swimmers to avoid areas where they may not be able to swim.  There may also be a rope to stop people from accidentally floating onto the wrong side.  

Lack of Supervision and Safety Equipment

At public swimming pools, there are often lifeguards or safety equipment in the area in case of emergencies.  If a lifeguard is not doing their job or the pool does not have the proper equipment, a person may suffer debilitating harm or even lose their life.  The Florida Building Code also has the following pool safety requirements:

Section 424.2 requires all new private swimming pools be constructed with specific safety features to help prevent drowning.

Section 424.2.6.6 requires all private swimming pools be equipped with an anti-entrapment device to prevent accidental entrapment at any of the suction inlets.

Section R4501.17 requires that any new private swimming pool be surrounded by a barrier, unless it is equipped with an approved safety cover complying with ATSM F 1346.  The barrier must prevent direct access from the home and yard to the pool.  One option is to install a 4-foot fence (commonly referred to as a baby barrier) around the perimeter of the pool.  This barrier must be a minimum of 20 inches away from the water’s edge.

Any violations of these regulations may be evidence of negligence.

Lack of Training

All lifeguards must have their certifications in place before taking on the responsibility of overseeing swimmers.  They may cause someone to lose their life or suffer injuries if they do not have sufficient qualifications and training.

Supervisors must follow state and federal regulations for pool capacity, chemical consistency, and safety equipment to ensure everyone’s safety.  If a pool owner does not follow the regulations, they may be responsible for the injuries someone suffers on the premises.

Contact an Experienced St. Petersburg Swimming Pool Lawyer Today

Public pools allow all individuals to enjoy the sun and cool off during the summer.  You should not have to worry about the potential risks and injuries you may suffer.  However, if you encounter injuries from someone else’s negligence, you have an experienced legal representative at Marsalisi Law ready to fight for you.  

Frank P. Marsalisi understands the challenges you face after a swimming pool accident and knows to provide you with dependable legal counsel.  In order to offer the best possible legal services, Frank P. Marsalisi offers his knowledge in both English and Spanish, so you may feel confident communicating in the language with which you are most comfortable.  Learn more about your legal options by filling out our contact form or calling (727) 800-5052 today.

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