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Most people spend a significant amount of time at their jobs. Whether you work in construction or an office, your manager and company are responsible for providing you with reliable and safe working conditions. While some jobs may have a higher risk of injuries than others, prioritizing and considering workers’ health should never be an afterthought. To ensure employers are providing their employees with a safe and proper work environment, Florida has rules and regulations companies must follow to protect their workers.

Unfortunately, some employers disregard these rules and put employees in danger even with specific guidelines detailing keeping workers safe.  If you suffer injuries at work because of another person’s negligence, speak with Marsalisi Law for details on taking legal action against the reckless individual. Our team provides clients with highly-qualified, professional legal representation and guides you through the legal and medical process. Speak with us as soon as possible.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

When a worker becomes injured, disabled, or sick while working, workers’ compensation may offer monetary benefits to assist with medical fees and lost income.  This government-mandated system tries to ensure employees suffering from workplace harm receive some form of compensation when injured on the job. Unfortunately, some employers will minimize your injuries and do not offer the proper amount of compensation and benefits. 

In most cases, if you accept workers’ compensation from your employer in Florida, you give up your right to seek compensation through injury claims.  Some areas may allow you to continue to pursue legal action against your employer, but accepting workers’ compensation often trades in a worker’s right to legal claims.

If you suffer injuries at work and are considering accepting workers’ compensation, speak with a St. Petersburg Workplace accident attorney about your options.  They will detail the legal and medical process so that you may make a clear decision.

Common Types of Workplace Accidents in St. Petersburg, Florida

The severity and type of injury you suffer depend on numerous factors, including the industry you work in and the area of the injury. While some cases may only have bruises and sprains, others may require extensive medical treatment and long-term care.  A few common workplace accidents in St. Petersburg, Florida, include:

Falling Objects

If a tool or a piece of equipment is not properly secured or put away, it may fall from a high place and cause harmful damage to another person.  Construction workers often work on elevated surfaces with dangerous equipment; if something is not working correctly, you may suffer serious harm. 

Crashes or Collisions

Motor vehicle accidents are common throughout the United States and cause significant injuries and deaths.  Some jobs may require driving a designated vehicle to meet clients or transport products.  Regardless of why your work needs you to drive, you may encounter dangers on the road due to negligent drivers.

Slip, Trips, and Falls

One of the most common workplace accidents includes slips, trips, and falls.  From wet floors to exposed wires, there are several ways someone may harm themselves by slipping on an object.  By following the Occupational Safety and Health Association’s (OSHA) fall protection requirements, employers will have the tools for preventing injuries.

Fires and Explosions

If workers are often exposed to dangerous equipment and environments, fires and explosions are something employers must be aware of and take the necessary actions to keep everyone safe. Even those working in an office building may encounter a life-threatening fire if an employer acts negligently.

Exposure to Harmful Substances or Environments

Biological laboratories, medical offices, and other industries with exposure to harmful substances must take the necessary precautions for their employees. Thoroughly training new hires, enforcing safety equipment, and checking for potential dangers go a long way in protecting employees. However, if an employer disregards safety steps and someone suffers injuries, they may be held responsible for their actions. 

Workers may fall victim to serious injuries when employers do not consider or protect their employees. You have the right to seek legal representation and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. Speak with a Marsalisi Law St. Petersburg workplace accident lawyer to learn about the steps in filing a workplace accident claim.

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You may be tempted to take the workers’ compensation if you suffer life-threatening injuries at work.  However, you may be eligible for more considerable compensation due to an employer trying to cover up with wrongdoings.  To protect your rights, Frank P. Marsalisi will do everything he can to provide you with the best possible option for your claim. 

With years of experience protecting workers’ rights across Florida, Frank P. Marsalisi has the knowledge and connections to provide you with highly-qualified legal representation.  We offer services in both English and Spanish, so feel free to communicate in whichever is more comfortable.  Call (727) 800-5052 or fill out our contact form to learn more about your legal options today. 

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