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An accident can be a psychologically traumatic experience, even if the drivers are not physically wounded.  The close call can shake people to their core.  Some may experience minor anxiety, especially around the accident scene, while others may suffer a more severe form of anxiety.

After an accident, experiencing any form of anxiety is entirely understandable.  However, anxiety and fear do not have to stop you from ever driving again.  Naturally, getting comfortable behind the wheel may take time, which is okay.  Thankfully, there are steps you can take to get your confidence back after an accident.

3 Tips to Help Regain Your Confidence After a Car Accident

Sometimes the aftermath of an accident feels just as traumatic as the accident itself.  While not every driver experiences difficulty getting behind the wheel after an accident, it is normal to be hesitant to drive again.  People can lose confidence and trust in their ability to drive safely.  The following tips can help you regain your confidence:

1.  Talk About It

It is understandable to shut down after a traumatic event like a car accident, but it is proven that talking things out benefits the healing process.  Talking through your fears and concerns out loud can be a cathartic feeling, and those fears may be lifted off your chest once they are spoken out loud.  Letting anxiety and fear fester can mean letting them grow into unbearable levels.  Start by talking to people you trust to support you in difficult times.  It is important to keep in mind that loved ones can only provide so much emotional support.  In some cases, it is beneficial to seek professional mental health support.

2.  Start Small

Regaining your confidence to drive again is not likely to happen overnight, especially if the accident you experienced left you with more than minor anxiety.  A good first step is to get yourself re-acquainted with your car.  Start by simply sitting in the driver’s seat again and getting used to the feeling of the wheel without turning on the car.  It may sound simple, but for some, even stepping into the driver’s seat again is triggering.

Try not to push your limits before you are ready to turn on the car.  Turn on the engine once you feel comfortable in the driver’s seat again.  You do not have to take a thirty-minute drive.  Instead, take a small drive, just to the end of the street and back.  From there, slowly increase the length of your drives until you find you are no longer counting down how long before you get to stop.

3.  Take a Defensive Driver Course

People tend to feel more confident when they know what they are doing.  Driving defensively is a unique skill set that can help prevent accidents.  Being a defensive driver means being more aware of your surroundings.  Defensive drivers develop skills that help them analyze and recognize potentially dangerous situations and that helps them minimize the risks of an accident.  Learning to be a defensive driver helps you regain confidence because you become equipped with new skills to help prevent you from getting into another accident.

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Even the most cautious drivers get into accidents.  Sometimes someone’s negligence makes an accident inevitable.  When you did everything you could to stay safe on the road, and someone else’s behavior placed you in danger, you may be entitled to fair compensation.

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