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Everything You Need to Know About Single-Vehicle Accidents

Getting into an accident does not always mean that there is another vehicle involved.  There may be moments in which you collide with something besides another car or person.  Whether you collide with misplaced construction objects or swerve off the road because of improper weather clearing, you can take legal action and might be entitled to compensation.

When car accidents occur, the cost of treatment depends on the severity of the accident.  When you endure serious injuries that affect your ability to work and enjoy life, you are eligible for a higher compensation value.  The lost wages, medical fees, and other financial losses that you suffer after your accident can significantly affect you and your family.  A car accident attorney can provide you with dependable legal representation every step of the way.

Is the Driver Always Liable for a Single-Vehicle Accident?

Many people may think that they are liable for their own damages if they get into an accident without another person being physically involved, but this is not always the case.  When someone else’s negligent actions cause you to crash, regardless of whether or not they were physically present at the scene, you can contact a car accident attorney and recover compensation for the damages and injuries you incur.

A few examples of single-vehicle accident causes are:

  • Road defects: If there is something in the road or the road is unkept, you could be forced off the road or put in a dangerous situation.  An object from construction or a pothole can cause damage to your vehicle and injury to yourself;
  • Another vehicle: While you may not directly collide with another individual, that individual could have been negligent and caused you to take defensive action.  You can hold them accountable for the damage they inflicted;
  • Defective guardrails: Guardrails are placed in areas where it is dangerous to fall off the side of the road.  If guardrails are poorly placed or unable to fulfill their purpose, you can seek compensation for the harm you suffer as a result;
  • Vehicle malfunctions: The driver is responsible for general maintenance and upkeep of the car; however, you can seek legal action if your airbags do not go off or if there is a vehicle malfunction that harms your safety.  These situations are called products liability cases. 

All accidents are unique and require thorough investigations to provide the best possible outcome for your claim.  An attorney can work with you to gather substantial evidence that can play a major role in the success of your claim.

Types of Evidence to Gather after a Single-Vehicle Accident in Florida

After an accident occurs, it is crucial to document the case.  Having evidence that showcases another individual’s fault is vital to proving your side of the case.  Some examples of great pieces of evidence are:

  • Pictures and videos of the accident;
  • Eyewitnesses;
  • Dash cameras; 
  • Police report.

Whether you have one picture or all four of the above pieces of evidence, it is better to have more documentation and information about the circumstances of the incident.  With everything you gather and the data that your lawyer will also collect, you will be able to feel confident about your claim.

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