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“Snowbirds” is a term used for individuals escaping the cold of the northern winter by traveling down to Florida.  The snowbirds’ migration down can begin as early as October.  Their travel to Florida is great for the tourist and retail industry, but unfortunately, the influx of travelers can also be dangerous.  Roads and highways become congested by the seasonal migration of snowbirds.  The increase of people leads to an increased risk of accidents, especially when snowbirds are unfamiliar with Florida traffic habits.  Snowbirds should take time to consider the following three tips to help prevent accidents while they are in Florida.

Three Driving Tips for Snowbirds Traveling to Florida

After spending most of their lives scraping ice off their windshields and enduring freezing temperatures, many northerners either travel down for the winter or retire down to Florida.  While their arrival is great for Florida’s industries, the addition of so many new drivers can make Florida’s roads hazardous.  Here are a few driving tips for snowbirds driving down to Florida:

1.  Have Your Vision and Hearing Tested

Older adults may experience physical changes that make it unsafe to continue driving.  Before making the big move to Florida, check in with your doctor.   It is difficult to admit it might be time to hand over your keys, but it is a crucial step towards keeping yourself and others safe.

2.  Research Unfamiliar Areas

Drivers in unfamiliar areas are dangerous because they are not accustomed to the area.  While looking for an address, a driver may travel too slow or linger in lanes, placing them at risk of colliding with other vehicles.  A snowbird may brake suddenly or make a sudden turn without using directional signals to avoid missing a GPS direction.  These driving behaviors may result in other vehicles having to swerve or being forced into other unsafe behaviors that lead to accidents.

A great way to prevent these types of behaviors is by doing research beforehand.  Google Maps shows street views that snowbirds can study to ensure they have a clear picture of the new area.

3.  Do Not Drive While Tired

Many snowbirds drive down to Florida instead of taking a plane.  Road trips are an excellent way to make fun memories and spend time with those in the car with you.  After a long drive, drivers are sometimes tempted to push their limits to reach their destination sooner.  Unfortunately, fatigued drivers are a danger to themselves and others on the road.  Fatigued drivers may:

  • Drift out of a travel lane
  • Miss an exit
  • Miss traffic signs
  • Fall asleep at the wheel

A tired driver experiences slower reflexes and impaired judgment, leading to an accident.  Being late to your destination is far better than risking a serious accident because of your fatigue.  Keep yourself, your loved ones, and others safe by knowing your limits and resting rather than overexerting yourself.

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