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Common Medical Tests that Detect TBI after a Car Crash

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can result from any type of car accident or motorcycle accident, but victims may not realize they are suffering from one until long after the crash.  These injuries can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life.  If there is any chance you may have suffered a brain injury in a car crash, seek medical help right away. 

Tests Doctors May Perform to Discover a Brain Injury After a Car Accident in Florida

Your doctor may perform a few tests to determine if you have suffered a TBI.  Our list below describes some of the more common medical tests used to identify TBI after a motor vehicle accident.

Glasgow Coma Scale

Immediately following an accident, medical personnel will typically perform a test called the Glasgow Coma Scale.  This test is used to measure the capability of basic functions related to speaking, movement, and opening of the eyes.

A score of thirteen out of fifteen on the Glasgow Coma Scale can signify a mild TBI.  Nine to twelve out of fifteen points indicate a moderate brain injury, and less than nine points is a severe TBI.  This test does not show the full extent of a brain injury, as it only provides a basic idea of brain functionality.  More sensitive tests are required to get a better idea of a TBI’s severity.

Cat Scans

Computerized tomography, also known as a “CT scan” or “cat scan,” takes x-rays of the brain from multiple angles.  Cat scans provide doctors with a detailed image of the brain and can reveal damage such as a brain bruise or brain bleed (cerebral hemorrhage or subdural hematoma).


Magnetic resonance imaging, more commonly referred to as an MRI, utilizes magnets and radio waves to generate an even more detailed image of the brain than a cat scan.  Since MRIs are incredibly detailed, doctors can discover more subtle injuries with this test.  MRI is considered the “gold standard” objective diagnostic study to determine traumatic brain injuries.  

Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological test assessments are given by qualified psychologists.  These tests are designed to provide a comprehensive examination of a brain injury victim’s ability to function in the world.  This test will analyze:

  • Cognitive ability;
  • Language skills;
  • Behavior;
  • Muscle function.

The neuropsychologist will also review a victim’s personal history, work history, overall health, and may even interview a victim’s friends and family for changes in behavior.

Speech And Swallowing Tests

Since our brains control our ability to speak, communicate, and swallow, a TBI can affect these functions.  If you have difficulty talking or swallowing after a car accident, you may need to have an evaluation done by a speech pathologist. 

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