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We hear a lot about driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, but there is another factor that can be just as deadly.  In 2019, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 697 deaths from drowsy driving accidents.  When you are tired, you may find it hard to focus on the road, and suddenly you are merging into another vehicle.  While you might not consider yourself a danger, drowsy driving causes many car crashes each year.

In Florida, there is no criminal charge for “drowsy driving.”  However, you can receive a ticket for driving recklessly and not following the rules of the road.  An officer may also investigate you for driving under the influence since many signs of drowsy driving can also point to alcohol or drug use.  For example, swerving around in the lane and speeding can suggest both drowsy driving and alcohol abuse.

6 Ways to Prevent Drowsy Driving in Florida

Spending a long day at work or school can leave anyone feeling exhausted.  If you are driving and start to feel your mind drifting from the road, consider the following tips to keep yourself from drowsy driving:

Get a Full Night’s Rest

There are moments when we cannot help but stay up later than we expect.  However, one of the most important factors when decreasing the likelihood of drowsy driving is making sure you are well-rested.  Having a good night’s rest can keep you feeling energized throughout the day.

Take a Break

If you are driving for an extended period of time, it is vital that you take frequent breaks to keep from over-exhausting yourself.  Stopping to stretch and take your eyes off the road can give your mind a short break before continuing on the road.

Avoid Driving at Night

Driving at night causes people to become less alert and focused.  While it is impossible to completely restrict yourself from driving at night, avoiding late drives can help reduce the likelihood of experiencing drowsy driving.

Turn on the Radio or a Podcast

One of the main reasons drowsy driving is so dangerous is that our minds become distracted and unfocused.  When you have music or an engaging podcast to keep your mind from wandering elsewhere, you can stop yourself from feeling tired while driving.

Grab a Caffeinated Beverage

Whether it is tea, coffee, soda, or an energy drink, sometimes a quick fix is exactly what you need to get yourself home safely.  It is important to note that caffeine takes around half an hour to enter the bloodstream and take effect.

Pay Attention to Your Health

Feeling tired can result from a lack of sleep or a busy schedule, but if you find that you are regularly experiencing trouble sleeping and feeling exhausted, contact your primary care physician.  There can be underlying illnesses or injuries causing your fatigue.

It is a driver’s responsibility to judge whether they are in proper health to drive.  If you are injured because of a drowsy driver, you can seek to hold them accountable for their reckless driving with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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