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Bias against Motorcyclists May Impact Florida Personal Injury Claims

Motorcyclists are exposed to a lot of dangers while on the road.  Due to their vulnerability in accidents, motorcyclists are more likely to sustain severe injuries.  Many riders who suffer from accidents are subject to biases against them and their vehicle of choice.  These biases originate from the idea that a motorcycle rider is inherently more willing to commit reckless driving due to the choice to ride a motorcycle in the first place.  This is obviously not the case, but bias can dangerously affect a motorcyclist’s personal injury claims.

Working with a personal injury lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents can ensure that you are treated fairly and given the same opportunities as others.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can assist with gathering information, collecting required documents, and advocating for your rights.  A motivated personal injury lawyer’s main goal is to make sure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected in any legal conflict.

How Can Bias Affect Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Bias against motorcyclists can be present during the motorcycle accident claim process.  Many people with biases, including the other driver, police officer, and insurance adjusters, may believe that the motorcyclist is the one responsible for the accident.  Biases against motorcyclists can affect different aspects of the claim process, such as:

  • Inaccurate accident reports and police statements; 
  • Insurance company bias; and
  • Low settlement offer and damage award.

Having reliable legal representation at your side during legal proceedings can lessen the effects of implicit bias.  Your lawyer may be able to dispute data that uses these biases and can prevent others from depending on biased information.

4 Ways to Overcome Bias in Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

While it is difficult to combat the preconstructed ideas people have about you and your lifestyle, there are many ways to reduce the ability of people to stereotype you.  The following are four ways you can stop people from claiming biased information against you:

Always Wear Safety Gear

Not only is wearing safety gear essential for your health, but it also demonstrates that you are someone who takes your safety very seriously.  One of the common biases against motorcyclists is that motorcyclists are risky, but wearing safety gear shows that you are taking safety precautions.

Document the Accident Scene

You should take pictures and videos of all damages and the accident scene to help determine the other person’s fault.  Evidence of tire marks and impact marks on the vehicles may prove who was responsible for the accident.

Collect Eyewitness Accounts 

Not all accidents have eyewitnesses, but someone who comes to help or sees the accident happen can help prove the other driver’s liability.  Taking down their information and asking if they are willing to account for what happened is extremely important.  An eyewitness account can significantly improve your chances of proving the other driver’s fault.  It is also important that they stay and give their information and account of the accident to any investigating agencies.  

Keep Your Bike in Excellent Condition

If your bike has any damage or shows signs of other accidents, bias may lead people to assume you have had other accidents or are inexperienced at driving the motorcycle.  There is less room for questions and speculation about your carelessness or riding ability when your motorcycle is taken care of.  

You should talk to an experienced lawyer about overcoming and navigating implicit bias from others in a legal setting.  A lawyer can help you prepare for answering questions or providing certain information.  Showing that you understand the dangers of riding a motorcycle and take the necessary safety precautions may significantly help your claim.

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