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While the sunny weather seems like a paradise to tourists and residents, the combination of motor vehicle-centered infrastructure and unfamiliar drivers makes Florida a leading state for pedestrian fatalities.  The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that Florida contributes to 37% of all pedestrian deaths in the US.  

The severe injuries and property damage an individual may suffer can cause significant burdens on you and your family.  While your insurance may cover a portion of your losses, you may require more monetary compensation for unreimbursed expenses, future medical care, and loss of quality of life.  You have the right to pursue legal action against the negligent party with the representation of a professional attorney at Marsalisi Law.  

6 Best Steps to Avoid a Florida Pedestrian Accident

It is impossible to say anything will prevent a pedestrian accident altogether, but you can take the necessary precautions to decrease the likelihood of encountering a life-threatening accident.  Consider the following six steps to best avoid a Florida pedestrian accident:

Observe Your Surroundings

You must pay extra attention to your surroundings near large, fast-moving vehicles.  If you recognize a driver is swerving their vehicle all over their lane, you can take note of the behavior and move off the path before you suffer injuries due to their actions.

Take Extra Precautions at Intersections

Intersections are one of the most dangerous locations for pedestrians.  In Florida, these areas are common locations of fatal pedestrian accidents due to the proximity to motor vehicles and drivers’ tendencies to disregard traffic laws.  For example, running red lights and turning before coming to a complete stop are both types of broken rules that lead to life-threatening injuries for pedestrians.  

Stay On Designated Sidewalks

When you are walking near a busy road, staying on the sidewalk may prevent major collisions with motor vehicles.  However, if a sidewalk is unkept and you cannot continue walking on the path, you may also be able to hold accountable those responsible for the upkeep of sidewalks if an incident occurs.

Never Assume a Driver Sees You

If you are crossing a road when instructed by the traffic light, you may assume that all drivers will notice the flashing lights and stop for you as a pedestrian.  However, there are many distracted drivers on the road, and they may not notice you crossing.  When crossing the street, never assume they see you and wait for all vehicles to come to a complete stop before walking across the road.

Limit Nighttime Walks

As the sun lowers, drivers’ visibility levels decrease, and pedestrians become even more challenging to spot than during the day.  Limiting your nighttime walks will significantly reduce the likelihood of serious accidents.  Even in areas where you feel safe, like neighborhoods and parks, you may suffer fatal injuries in a pedestrian accident at night.

Wear Bright Colors or Reflectors

Unfortunately, you may want to avoid the sweltering Florida heat during the day and wish to exercise in the cooler hours.  Whether walking the dog or coming home from a long day at work, you will want to ensure you wear bright colors or reflectors.  These brighter colors may help drivers see you in the dark better than blending in with dark colors.

The above steps can significantly reduce your likelihood of suffering in a pedestrian accident.  However, if you suffer injuries due to a driver’s negligence, speak with an attorney about your legal options.  

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Working with a lawyer at Marsalisi Law provides you with highly-qualified and knowledgeable legal representation.  Pursuing a pedestrian accident claim on your own while recovering from severe injuries is stressful, challenging, and may restrict your ability to recover fully.  Without someone experienced and well-versed in Florida law, you may lose the monetary compensation and justice you deserve.  

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