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Car accidents can be overwhelming and confusing for victims.  What you do immediately after the accident, though, can make or break your claim.  Making the wrong moves can both directly affect your health and wellbeing and ruin your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been in a car accident in St. Petersburg, reach out to attorney Frank P. Marsalisi of Marsalisi Law.  Frank can guide you through the personal injury process, even if you have already made any or all of these four common car accident claim mistakes.

Underestimating Your Injuries

Many accident victims underestimate their injuries following a car crash.  You might think slight discomfort or disorientation will go away with time, but the pain and symptoms might only increase.  By the time you understand how severe the injuries are, it might be too late to get the best treatment possible.

Often, victims experience confusion and fogginess following an accident, which they blame on stress.  While stress is common after a car accident, these symptoms could also be signs of a traumatic brain injury.  Following a car accident is not the time to “tough it out.”  You should seek medical attention right away to diagnose your injuries properly, establish a treatment plan for recovery, and also document your causally related injuries to the accident as soon as possible.

Underestimating your injuries can hurt your claim in two ways:

  • You’re making your recovery more difficult, which can prolong your treatment, cause you to miss more work, and cause additional pain and suffering;
  • Delaying treatment may lead insurance companies to assume you’re not that injured, and they will try to devalue your claim of injuries.

Waiting Too Long to File a Claim

You have four years from the accident date to file a personal injury claim in Florida, but insurance companies might try to drag out your request as long as possible so that time runs out.  If you miss the deadline to file a claim, you lose your chance of recovering financially.

Filing a lawsuit may seem unnecessary right after a crash, but taking the right measures will set you up for successful litigation should you ever need to pursue legal action.  It’s best to partner with a Florida car accident attorney immediately to file a claim against the liable party.

Not Calling the Police

Never let the other driver convince you not to call the police.  While calling the police may seem unnecessary if there are no injuries or damages, having a police report can help your case.  In addition to gathering evidence and speaking with witnesses and drivers, officers also determine whether either driver violated the law.  If so, they can issue a traffic ticket, which can help to determine liability.

Giving Too Much Information to Insurance Companies

Trusting the insurance company to protect your best interests is never a good idea.  No matter how friendly the claims adjuster may seem, you must remember that their job is to save the company money.  They understand that you’re under a lot of stress and are vulnerable to sneaky tactics to limit your payment.  Please don’t give them any information they don’t need to know, and never discuss the extent of your injuries.  Only give them the necessary information, or if you already have an attorney, have your attorney speak with the adjuster on your behalf.

Contact an Experienced St. Petersburg Car Accident Attorney

When you’ve been in an automobile accident, reach out to the St. Petersburg car accident attorneys at Marsalisi Law.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi will be with you every step of the way during this challenging and stressful time.  Your rights and well-being are his top priority, and he will do everything possible to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Here at Marsalisi Law, we expect no payment unless we win your case.  Our contingency fees make it possible for you to focus on your recovery while we take the burden of filing a claim and dealing with insurance companies.  Call (727) 800-5052 or complete a contact form today.

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