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difference between motorcycle accident and car accident

Motorcyclists that survive an accident never forget that traumatic moment.  They often struggle to get insurance companies to cooperate and help pay for the injuries, damages, and other losses associated with their crash.  The experience is often frustrating because of ill-founded biases that are frequently displayed by insurance companies and even the juries that may decide your case.

Inexperience with Motorcycles Can Work Against Your Case

Motorcycles operate very differently than cars.  Riders must have a different reaction time and an increased awareness of drivers around them.  If the insurance company knows you haven’t ridden a motorcycle for very long, they may try to use this evidence against you.  Their claims handlers and attorneys try to turn the focus to your riding history as opposed to the negligent actions of their insured, who caused the accident.

Insurance Companies Will Try Anything to Deny Motorcycle Injury Claims

Insurance companies try to minimize and deny all claims, but especially motorcycle injury claims.  They try to muddy the waters of liability on their insured and look for ways to make the lowest payout possible.  They may bring attention to your riding history, riding ability, and the dangers of willfully riding a motorcycle on Florida roads.  Do not succumb to these tactics.  At the end of the day, vehicles must share the road with motorcycles, and drivers must be held accountable for their negligence, especially if it has caused injury to a motorcycle rider.

Injuries are Often Worse in Motorcycle Accidents than Car Crashes

Many motorcycle accidents result in the rider and passenger being thrown from their seats when impacting another car or object.  Ejection from a vehicle, auto or motorbike, frequently results in significant injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury;
  • Rupturing of organs;
  • Broken bones;
  • Whiplash;
  • Road rash; or
  • Death


Brain injuries are one of the worst possible outcomes.  We at Marsalisi Law always encourage the use of helmets and other protective gear when riding.  However, sometimes wearing a helmet and protective gear does not allow the rider to escape injury.  Leathers, for example, may lessen damage from some road rash, but not all of it.  Leather also does little in preventing blunt force trauma to a rider’s musculoskeletal system. This increased severity of possible injuries from motorcycle accidents is vital for any jury to understand should your case go to trial.

Some People Dislike Motorcycle Culture

The culture around motorcycles and their riders doesn’t always fit in with societal norms.  This difference can sometimes influence courts and juries that may have biased notions about riding enthusiasts.  Insurance companies may try to talk about the motorcycle club you belong to, or if you are a sportbike enthusiast, they may show your social media accounts were you like speeding bikes.  An attorney who frequently represents these types of accident cases will be able to develop strategies that overcome negative opinions about bikers and their vehicles.

Don’t Let Public Opinion Determine Your Injury Case Outcome

The lifestyle of motorcyclists can sometimes be misunderstood by the general public.  This reality can hinder your efforts for fair compensation during the accident claim process.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi proudly represents those from this community and strives to provide the best support possible during this challenging time.  Frank P. Marsalisi gives all clients the personalized attention their cases need to maximize the success of their injury claims.  Our firm is also bilingual in English and Spanish so that you can clearly communicate your needs or questions to us and get a clear answer.


Hundreds of motorcycle riders around the St. Petersburg area have relied on our demonstrated knowledge to recover compensation for the losses and damages caused by the negligent actions of others.  Frank P. Marsalisi is a proud member of the Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association and has successfully litigated claims involving motorbike injuries for more than a decade.  Contact our office online today or call (727) 800-5052 for a free case evaluation to learn what your rights are and how to proceed with your case.


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