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where do most motorcycle crashes occur

Riding a motorcycle is not only a mode of transportation.  For many, riding a motorcycle is a relaxing hobby that helps people take their minds off their daily troubles.  Motorcycle riding has a surprising number of benefits like reducing stress, and it’s just plain fun! It is really no surprise that the Sunshine State holds more than half a million registered motorcycles, second only to California.  With open roads through one-of-a-kind scenery and pristine beaches, what’s not to love about cruising in and around Tampa Bay? 

There are dozens of peaceful and entertaining loops throughout the Gulf Coast to entice motorcycle riders from all over the world.  When riding these loops, however, bikers must be extra alert when sharing the road with cars, semi-trucks, SUVs, minivans, and all sorts of other vehicles that can injure them in the blink of an eye.  

Risks Associated with Motorcycle Riding in Florida

Many factors make motorcycle riding a high-risk activity.  Often, accidents take place because the drivers of other cars fail to respect the motorcycle’s right of way.  Most accidents occur in congested cities like Tampa and Downtown St. Pete. Since motorcycle riders are surrounded by a greater number of vehicles in these areas, the likelihood of an accident increases.  Being on a motorcycle may also increase the severity of any injuries sustained.  

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a motorcycle rider is 28 times more likely to be a victim in a fatal accident than a vehicle driver or passenger.  This is due to a motorcycle’s overall lack of protection. So, while motorcycle riding can relieve stress, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and focused. If you’re injured, it’s important to document as much of the accident as possible before connecting with a St. Petersburg motorcycle injury attorney.

What are the most dangerous locations to be in on a motorcycle?


No matter what road you take, your chances of an accident increase the moment you reach an intersection.  Intersections contribute to two main accident types:

  • Cars making left turns;
  • Rear-end collisions.

A significant portion of two-vehicle accidents involves cars making left-hand turns and failing to notice the motorcyclist traveling straight through an intersection.  Left-turn accidents can cause motorcycle riders to sustain life-threatening and life-altering injuries with or without a helmet. Brain damage, broken bones, spine injuries, abdominal injuries, and facial disfigurement are all possible upon being forcefully thrown off a bike by a heavier car or truck.  

Rear end collisions make up another large portion of collisions.  The sheer size and weight differences between a motorcycle and the average car, truck, or van can cause life-threatening rear-end collisions.  Drivers who aren’t paying attention to the vehicle in front of them may not notice the biker has come to a stop. Even a light touch of the vehicle’s bumper to the motorcyclist’s rear tire can cause the biker to lose balance.  


Highways and interstates carry a higher risk of fatality than roads less traveled.  More traffic and higher speeds could mean a fatal collision is possible as soon as a driver decides to change lanes without checking for motorcycles.  High speeds result in greater force upon an impact, which can have disastrous effects on the body of a biker, even when wearing the proper safety gear.

Highway debris that obstructs lanes or flies in the direction of oncoming traffic can cause another vehicle or motorcyclist to make a sudden swerve.  On a motorcycle, this maneuver is much more dangerous. Additionally, motorcycle riders are much more likely to be affected and even struck by highway debris.  Whether a truck has lost loosely tied cargo or parts of a vehicle are strewn all over the asphalt, debris can be deadly for bikers.

Trust a Dedicated Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Resolve Your Claim 

Attorney Frank P.  Marsalisi understands how motorcycle injuries can change a person’s life.  As a devoted injury attorney who advocates specifically for motorcycle accident victims, he has helped hundreds of people injured in motorcycle crashes through some of their most challenging times.  He takes pride in providing personalized representation to his clients and as a result, has been able to attain excellent settlements and verdicts for his clients.  

If you’ve been hurt due to a driver’s negligence, Marsalisi Law will strive to recover the result you need while you can focus on healing.  Our firm has focused on motorcycle injuries for more than a decade, and we are available 24/7 to answer your questions regarding your case. From the moment you hire us to the moment your case is resolved; you can count on us to keep you informed and help you make the right decisions regarding your accident claim.  

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