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Many motorcycle accidents do not happen because of the motorcyclists’ fault alone.  Vehicle drivers are largely responsible for these accidents, which, unfortunately often result in serious and even fatal injuries.

We are sharing these important tips from The Motorcycle Safety Foundation because this should be shared to spread awareness.  These guidelines can lessen the chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

10 Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles

  1. Almost 50% of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. Motorcycles constitute a minor share of vehicles on the road.  The number of cars and trucks on the roads is much higher than the number of motorcycles.  This results in a higher probability that the car or truck driver will be involved in the collision with a motorcycle.
  2. A motorcycle is often not visible to a driver as it can be hidden in a car’s blind spot (door/roof pillars) or masked by objects outside a car such as bushes, fences, or bridges etc. A driver must always carefully check for a motorcycle before changing lanes or turning at intersections. This is why you hear the saying “check twice, save a life”.
  3. A motorcycle may look farther away than it is due to its small size. It may be challenging to judge a motorcycle’s distance.  A driver must consider a motorcycle to be closer than it appears.
  4. Motorcyclists often slow down by downshifting or merely rolling off the throttle, thus not activating the brake light. You should always allow more following distance when behind a motorcyclist.  At intersections, a vehicle driver should expect that a motorcyclist may slow down without visual warning, such as brake lights.
  5. Motorcyclists often adjust position within a lane to be seen more easily and to minimize the effects of road debris, passing vehicles, and wind. Understand the fact that motorcyclists adjust lane position for a purpose, and not to be reckless or to allow you to share the lane with them.
  6. Make sure a motorcycle’s signal is for real. Turning signals on a motorcycle usually are not self-cancelling, thus some riders, especially beginners, sometimes forget to turn them off after a turn or lane change. which the case is generally with signals given at or before an intersection.  Again, always err on the side of caution when driving around a motorcycle.
  7. Maneuverability is one of a motorcycle’s main characteristics, especially at slower speeds, with good road conditions, and skill level of the motorcyclist. However, a driver must not expect a motorcyclist to always be able to dodge out of the way quickly and safely or stop immediately.
  8. Stopping distance for motorcycles is varies from cars, but slippery surfaces make stopping quick very difficult. Always allow more following distance behind a motorcycle because attempting to stop at the last moment can potentially cause serious injuries or a fatality.
  9. When you see a motorcycle, see more than just the motorcycle – see the person under the helmet. This motorcyclist could be your friend, neighbor, or relative.
  10. If a driver crashes into a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian and causes serious injury, the driver never forgets the situation and likely never forgives himself/herself. Thus, be extremely careful as an injury caused to a motorcyclist can result to negative life-changing consequences, and in worst cases scenarios death.

Getting Help From An Experienced Accident Attorney

These are the 10 most important things that can help avoid a motorcycle accident.  Keep these tips in mind whenever you are driving because these can save your life and the lives of others on the road.

If you or your loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a highly-qualified motorcycle accident attorney in St. Petersburg.  Contact us at 727-800-5052 for a free legal consultation.  Marsalisi Law is Where Law Gets Personal.