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riding a motorcycle in florida

We do not need to tell you the astoundingly high number of motorcycle-related fatalities.  You’re a biker, you know what is at stake when you get behind the handlebars and take off onto the open road.  What you may not know, though, are the unique challenges that riding in Florida brings.

We are St. Petersburg motorcycle attorneys here at Marsalisi Law, but we are also passionate riders.  We want to make sure you are prepared for whatever circumstances you may find yourself riding in.  With that in mind, we have put together a list of Florida-specific safety tips.

Find them below and do not hesitate to contact us today if you have been injured in any sort of auto accident.

Riding a Motorcycle in the Sunshine State

Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason.  This is true whether you are in the vacation-centric region of Central Florida, the beautiful and scenic Gulf Coast, or even Northern Florida.  You will want to be prepared for this level of sun because it presents a significant safety concern.

You should make sure to wear a helmet with glare protection.  The visor of your helmet should be polarized.  If it is not, you may want to wear sunglasses beneath your helmet.  Avoid wearing polarized sunglasses, however, as they have been known to negatively interact with helmet visors.

Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain

Perhaps the largest challenge about riding in Florida is the frequent rain.  You should avoid riding in the rain if possible.  Not only does rain make the streets slicker and more dangerous, but other drivers are less likely to see you in the rain.  If you must ride in the rain, you should drive much more defensively.  It is a good idea to operate under the assumption that other drivers will not see you and you will need to be the proactive one.

Another important tip for riding in the rain is to make sure you ride more smoothly.  Do not take turns at sharp angles.  Do not brake suddenly if you can help it.  Throttle your bike in smaller increments.  These small adjustments will prove very helpful for avoiding an accident.

Finally, you should make sure you have the proper gear for riding in the rain.  This includes gloves, boots, and a waterproof jacket.  Make sure your helmet is properly designed for rain, too.  It should be anti-fog at the very least and ideally should have a combination of options for safe riding.

Elderly Drivers Riding Motorcycles

Taking a break from weather-related conditions, you will want to be aware of elderly drivers sharing the road with you.  Florida has an estimated 3.3 million senior citizens, the second most in any state in the country, and is an ideal destination for retired “snowbirds”.

While stereotypes about elderly drivers are not always true, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.  This means you will want to pay closer attention to other drivers, drive defensively, and consider changing lanes if you see a potentially dangerous driver.  You will also want to wait an extra second or two once the light turns green to proceed through the lights.

If you follow these safety tips, riding in Florida should be nothing short of a pleasure.  It can be a beautiful ride with its wide-open roads and scenic landscapes.  If, on the other hand, you have been involved in any sort of accident, contact us today.

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