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PTSD After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are common and they can be terrifying.  Not only is there less protection on a motorcycle than in a car, but the injuries can be incredibly severe.  In fact, the state of Florida is number one in motorcycle fatalities, and unfortunately, it is common for many people who survive a motorcycle accident to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, look out for specific PTSD symptoms.  Some of these include recurring dreams about the accident, anxiety or stress, insomnia, emotional numbness, or losing interest in things you once enjoyed.

Now let’s dig deeper into how PTSD after a motorcycle accident should be handled.

Knowing the Risks of a Motorcycle Crash

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A motorcycle crash is one of the most dangerous types of vehicle accidents.  If a rider is not in full safety gear, they can be exposed to head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones, road rash, deep cuts, and muscle/ligament damage easier than if they were wearing the proper protective hear.  Riders know what physical injuries they are risking when they get on the road, but they aren’t always aware of the psychological impacts. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.




Allowing Time for Recovery from an Accident

Anyone who has been in a motorcycle accident needs a thorough recovery period.  If you suspect you have PTSD, it is extremely important to seek help right away.  The sooner you begin the recovery process, the easier it may be to overcome. Often people will stray from seeking help.   Avoiding recovery can affect your relationships, your ability to function on a daily basis, and the all-around quality of life.  When you are feeling symptoms of PTSD after a motorcycle accident, seek a therapist or doctor that can guide you through the healing process.  It can make the road to recovery much shorter and much easier.

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What Types of Treatment Are There for PTSD?

There are a variety of PTSD treatments that can help the victims of motorcycle accidents.  Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy involves training your brain to replace its irrational thoughts about the accident with a clearer picture.  This is accomplished through gradually exposing yourself to the feelings and situations that remind you of the accident.

Another determining factor in your treatment is who you decide to seek help from.  When you are searching for a therapist, seek a mental health professional who is a PTSD specialist.  Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable and be understood by this person. If you don’t click with someone, try another doctor.  The objective is for you to get the help you need.


Self-Help Methods for Coping With PTSD

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If you are determined to conquer your PTSD after a motorcycle accident, then there are a few things you can incorporate into your daily life that may help.  Taking the time to serve others in a nursing home, a homeless shelter or even another person with PTSD may lessen the sense of helplessness.

Exercising is also beneficial to your mental health.  Try doing outdoor activities along with going to the gym. Kayaking, hiking, and swimming are all feel-good exercises.

Reach out to others.  Confide in people you trust and that will hold you accountable.  The road to recovering from PTSD after a motorcycle accident may not always be an easy one.  But if you make the effort, it will be worth it.

If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident that you were not responsible for, consider reaching out to Marsalisi Law.  We know how important your psychological health is and no amount of compensation can erase what you went through.  We are here to make your life easier while you focus on recovering from a motorcycle accident.

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