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Often, we automatically associate accidents involving negligence with adults. However, hundreds of children in the United States suffer from severe accident injuries annually. Their size, impulsivity, and inexperience make them more vulnerable to harmful accidents than adults. For example, a young child walking across the road may forget to look both ways at a crosswalk or stop to tie their shoelace in the middle of the sidewalk. It is up to adults to watch out for children, but when someone’s carelessness acts negligently, they may inflict harmful injuries on a child.

If your child suffers from life-threatening or debilitating injuries as a result of someone’s negligence, you have the right to act on their behalf and take legal action against the individual. Their behavior is inexcusable and may change your child’s life forever. Your child deserves justice for the harm they suffer, and Marsalisi Law is ready to provide the devoted legal representation you can trust. Speak with one of our team members to start your claim today as soon as possible.


Who Is Liable for Child Injuries in Florida?

Adults and supervisors are always responsible for children’s behavior and must take precautions to ensure their safety. Even when a child makes a mistake, it is up to adults to observe the surroundings and do everything they can to prevent the accident. However, there are many situations where an adult or caretaker’s negligence was the direct cause of the child’s injury.

For example, if a daycare teacher feeds a child something containing their documented allergy and the child suffers serious harm, the parent has the right to hold the daycare and the individual responsible for the carelessness. Adults and supervisors have a duty to protect and keep children safe from harm’s way. If they choose to disregard those responsibilities and it causes harm to the child, they can face severe consequences.

How Can a Personal Injury Accident Affect Your Child’s Life?

Your child has a long life ahead of them. Pursuing their future career, learning to ride a bike, going on adventures with friends, and growing into an adult are all aspects of their life that can suffer from a serious personal injury. When an incident causes long-term debilitations, they may miss out on fundamental years and events in their life. Some of the common injuries that may cause debilitating harm include:

If a child suffers a major brain injury, they may have trouble focusing, lose their ability to communicate, and sometimes even require long-term medical care. These new aspects of your life may take a large toll on your child and your family. Speak with a medical professional and a child injury lawyer about the best course of action for your child and how you may recover monetary compensation from the negligent individual.

Causes of Child Injury Cases in St. Petersburg, Florida

Children are commonly prone to accidents. However, not all injuries a child sustains are always due to their own actions. There are countless ways an adult’s negligence and carelessness may cause a child to face life-changing injuries. The following are a few common causes of St. Petersburg child injuries:

Anger Management Issues

Adults working with children require patience and understanding. Anger management issues with children can cause serious harm.

Disregarding Rules

Running a stop light, not coming to a complete stop at a crosswalk, or speeding in school zones are all examples of ways a person disregarding rules may cause a child injury accident.


If a person is fiddling with the radio or texting while driving, they may not notice the child stepping out into the road and hit them. Adults must pay attention to their surroundings, especially in areas with high volumes of children.

Drugs and Alcohol

Performing any act of intoxication around children is extremely dangerous. When adults cannot control their behavior, they may inflict harmful injuries on children.

Improper Training

If a caretaker or adult lacks the proper tools or training, they may cause serious child injuries and even death.

Poor Supervision

A common cause of early childhood injury accidents is the lack of supervision. An adult cannot prevent an accident if a child is not properly watched.

Every accident is different and requires unique legal services tailored to your needs. As soon as possible, contact a highly-qualified child injury lawyer to protect you and your family in legal proceedings as quickly as possible. With their knowledge, you will have the ability to recover monetary compensation for your child’s injuries.

Contact an Experienced Child Injury Attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida

The aftermath of a child injury is extremely difficult. When you have a dependable child injury lawyer guiding you through the legal and medical process, you will have someone you can rely on and trust. Frank P. Marsalisi is hard-working, compassionate, and treats all his clients like family. After years of protecting St. Petersburg clients from inexcusable negligence, he understands the importance of compensation and holding the negligent party accountable for their actions.

With positive past results and client reviews, you can count on our experience and knowledge to protect your child’s rights throughout the legal process. Our child injury lawyers offer our clients the ability to receive services in both English and Spanish, so they may feel comfortable communicating their concerns. Call (727) 800-5052 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation with Marsalisi Law today.

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