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motorcycle accident photos

After you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, photos can be extremely beneficial to your case.  Witnesses can be a valuable element to your case, but they can also cause confusion.  Pictures show objective proof of the occurrence without having to explain anything. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.”  Read on for the do’s and don’ts of motorcycle accident photos.

Take Photographs at Your Accident Scene

There are many things you should do right after a motorcycle accident.  Taking pictures is certainly one of them.  What you do need to photograph is all of the exterior damage to every vehicle involved in the crash.  All four corners of a vehicle should be pictured, providing an indisputable image of where the accident was initiated.  Make sure to include the license plates in these pictures for determining which vehicle has damage. Take photographs of the environment and location where the accident occurred.  Take as many pictures as you can from every angle and include specific landmarks.  Having street signs, stoplights, and addresses in your pictures will help the viewer to better understand what happened and also how it happened.

Taking pictures of accident

You also want to take pictures of vehicle debris, tire marks, and any other sign that depicts an accident occurrence. This will allow you and others to have a better understanding of the crash. If you have been subject to any injuries and are still capable of taking photographs, make sure to take photographs of your injuries.  If you are unable to personally take the photographs, have a friend or family member do so.

Don’t Share Accident Scene Photographs

Do not show your accident pictures to anyone except your personal injury attorney. If the accident is your fault, you do not want to further incriminate yourself.  Keep the photographs private!

What Should I Do If I’m Critically Injured?

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and are severely injured, taking photos may not possible.  If you have family or friends at the scene, ask that they take pictures of your injuries and all of the evidence of the motorcycle crash.  In all cases, it’s ideal for the photos to be taken immediately after the accident, but in reality, this can’t always be accomplished; therefore, taking photos a day or two later may be your only option.

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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