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florida motorcycle insurance laws

Florida is full of adventurous and exciting things to do!  Tourists and locals alike relish the chance to parasail on the gulf, see an alligator in the Everglades, or ride a motorcycle on the roadways to get a sense of freedom.  Florida is one state where you’re legally allowed to ride your bike without wearing a helmet if you’re over the age of 21. For motorcyclists who want to ride without a helmet, it’s a good idea to understand the types of insurance Florida law requires before you start cruising.  Let’s cover the laws surrounding motorcycle insurance in Florida and why it’s so important.

What Insurance is Required for Motorcycle Riders in Florida?

For motorcyclists who opt to forego the safety of riding with a helmet for letting the wind blow freely, they must be over 21 and must meet the minimum insurance requirements.  Riders must have an insurance policy with a $10,000.00 minimum in medical insurance coverage for any injuries that are sustained from a collision. This can be met either through a private health insurance policy or medical payments coverage on a motorcycle insurance policy.

All motorcyclists, whether they choose to ride with a helmet or not, must have at least $10,000.00 in insurance for property damage to satisfy Florida Financial Responsibility Laws.

What Other Motorcycle Laws Get Enforced in Florida?

To legally ride a motorcycle in Florida, you must carry a motorcycle license.  This license is in the form of an endorsement that compliments your driver’s license.  Failure to get this motorcycle endorsement can result in a 2nd-degree misdemeanor with penalties that include:

  • Seizing your motorcycle;
  • Jail time up to 60 days;
  • Fines up to $500; and/or
  • Probation for six months or less.

While helmets are optional for riders who meet the age and insurance requirements, wearing protective eye gear is not.  Motorcyclists must also always ride with their headlights on no matter what time of day it is. Additionally, motorcyclists must always have working footrests, handlebars, brakes, and turn signal lights.

Why is Motorcycle Insurance Mandatory in Florida?

Because Florida law allows bikers over the age of 21 to ride their motorcycles without a helmet, the insurance laws are stringent. Having this minimum insurance is intended to protect the motorcyclist and other occupants on the road in the event of an accident.  However, this minimum coverage is never enough if an accident occurs. It’s wise to consider adding extra insurance to the minimum insurance amount that’s required. We recommend purchasing uninsured motorist coverage on your motorcycle policy or stacking uninsured motorist coverage on your automobile policy that may apply if an accident occurs on your motorcycle.  The rate of drivers that are uninsured or underinsured is extremely high in Florida. Therefore, the only way to protect yourself is to up your coverage. If you’re ever in an accident, medical bills can become quite costly. Having additional insurance may help cover these medical costs and lost wages for you and your passenger in the event of a collision.

Call St. Petersburg’s Skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

There are few things more enjoyable than the freedom of cruising the open road on a motorcycle.  But it’s vital to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected before hitting the road. Having insurance can protect you, your family, and your finances if you’re ever involved in a motorcycle crash.

At Marsalisi Law, understanding and consulting clients on the ins and outs of Florida’s motorcycle law is what we do best.  If you’re involved in a crash or are facing a lawsuit that stemmed from a motorcycle crash, St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorney Frank P. Marsalisi can help.  Personal attention is the hallmark of Marsalisi Law, and Frank works with his clients one-on-one to ensure they receive full and just compensation.  Frank will fight for you and your case against those at-fault and even powerful insurance. We won’t charge a dollar unless we win.   

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