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motorcycle safety tips for new riders

Motorcyclists should take extra care while riding as they are not protected by the body of a car in the same way that car passengers are.  When involved in an accident, motorcyclists tend to suffer more severe injuries due to the open nature of the motorcycle.

The following reminders and tips can improve their safety while they are on the road.

5 Safety Reminders and Tips for New Motorcyclists

We’ve written these tips with new riders in mind, but they are also applicable to experienced motorcyclists because personal safety should always be a priority.


ATGATT refers to “All the Gear, All the Time”.  ATGATT is the best policy especially for new riders who may lack riding experience.  As the name suggests, riders following ATGATT wear all the gear every time they are on the road to mitigate the effects of a crash if it occurs.  If you follow ATGATT, then you may significantly minimize your chances of severe injuries in the unfortunate case of an accident.

Inspect Before Every Ride

You should develop a habit of always inspecting your bike before riding. Inspecting tires, chains, lights, mirrors, indicators, and brakes can help a lot in avoiding problems on the road.  Many crashes occur due to failure to properly inspect the motorcycle beforehand.  Inspecting before riding will allow you to identify potential issues and fix them prior to riding, thus avoiding any problem which may arise otherwise.

Avoid Riding in Bad Weather

Due to our year-round great temperature, riders here in Florida can ride nearly year-round.  We hardly ever deal with snow and sleet as they do up north.  Nonetheless, we do get bad weather that can still affect your riding plans in the Sunshine State.  You should avoid riding in bad weather, including rains, high wind advisories, and thunderstorms, at all costs as motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to injuries during adverse weather conditions.

Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

Florida doesn’t legally require motorcyclists to wear helmets while riding if they are over 21 and carry $10,000 worth of medical payments insurance coverage.  However, wearing a helmet has major advantages in protecting you from traumatic brain injuries and facial scars.   Research has shown that helmets help in reducing serious injuries in many crashes.

Only Ride a Motorcycle You Can Handle

This may not seem important at first but it is perhaps one of the most overlooked points which are missed by both new and experienced motorcyclists.  You should always ride a motorcycle you can handle with ease.  Not everyone can ride a heavy touring bike, a powerful roadster, or a sports bike.  These sophisticated bikes require special skills.

Always strive to ride a bike you are comfortable on.  Not knowing how to properly and comfortably handle a motorcycle can cause a serious accident.

Get the Help of a Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney

No matter how careful you are riding on the road, you still can’t control how others behave.  If you or your loved one, unfortunately, gets into a motorcycle accident, it’s important that you know your legal options.

Hire one of the most reputable personal injury lawyers in Florida who can help you every step of the way.  Contact us at 727-800-5052 for a free legal consultation.  Marsalisi Law is Where Law Gets Personal.

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of this article where we’ll dive into 5 additional tips for motorcyclists in Florida.