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Florida leads the country in terms of motorcycle accidents.  Florida also accounted for 550 out of 4,837 total motorcycle accident deaths in the USA.  To put this into perspective, Florida accounts for just 6.5% of the US population, however it accounts for almost 11.4% of motorcycle related deaths in the country.

Most victims have a problem paying medical bills after a motorcycle accident.  Very few of these victims are aware of how they will pay their medical bills in the unfortunate event of a crash.  It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with insurance laws and other legal implications surrounding motorcycle accidents in Florida.

Use Your Health Insurance

While you can purchase a motorcycle insurance policy that has medical payments coverage and other “first-party” benefits, most motorcyclists do not elect this coverage due to the high cost.  Therefore, if these motorcyclists are involved in a motorcycle accident, their motorcycle insurance policy will not cover their medical bills.  In such a scenario, we hope that motorcyclist has health insurance to cover their medical bills.  If not, they will be completely at the mercy of the coverage or assets of the at fault party or be forced to come completely out of pocket for these expenses.

Seek Damages from the Other Party at Fault

Many motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles which can often lead to quite severe injuries to the motorcyclist.  In this scenario, a thorough investigation into that at fault parties’ insurance coverage and assets must be completed.  Providing this type of investigation is just one of the ways that Marsalisi Law helps supporting victims of motorcycle accidents.

Get in Touch with a Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is advisable to get in touch with an experienced St. Petersburg motorcycle accident lawyer.  A motorcycle accident attorney will guide you through how to get your medical bills paid for after a motorcycle accident.

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