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Millions of car accidents happen every year, and a significant fraction of them occur right here in the Sunshine State.  In Dunedin, Florida, chances are you’ve witnessed anything from rear-end collisions to multiple-car pile-ups on a typical commute.  You may have even been involved in one of these situations and are counting on your insurance to compensate you for medical, financial, or property damages.  Soon after attempting to handle matters on your own, you might realize that you need help.   

At Marsalisi Law, Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi aims to help accident victims gain better control and understanding of their cases, rights, and the law.  You can do all you can to stay safe, but there’s nothing you can do to control the reckless actions of others.  Get in touch with our firm today to get steadfast legal representation from a trusted St. Petersburg car accident attorney who cares about your well-being and future.

Car Accidents and Related Injuries in Dunedin 

Car accidents usually arise after someone drives carelessly and fails to fulfill their responsibility to use due care for others who share the road.  This failure is considered negligence and often takes the form of: 

  • Hit and run collisions;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Drunk driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Driving too fast for current conditions; 
  • Aggressive driving and road rage. 

Those who deviate from the law, whether intentionally or not, put themselves and innocent people at risk of sustaining serious injuries.  Often, accident victims suffer broken bones, lacerations, burns, internal damage, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord damage.

This may be your first encounter with the law, and it can be intimidating without help.  Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi has been handling these types of cases for over twelve years and and knows how to lead you in the best possible direction.

4 Steps to Protect Yourself After a Car Accident in Dunedin 

After a car accident in Dunedin, there will certainly be many things on your mind.  It’s natural to feel stressed, angry, and upset about having to deal with something you didn’t cause.  You may have an idea of how you should approach these circumstances, but despite what you may already know, these are the four critical steps you must take to protect yourself right away: 

  • Call the local authorities and obtain a police report to get an accurate account of what occurred at the scene of the crash and the involved parties’ information and insurance;  
  • Seek medical attention to evaluate, treat, and document any injuries or diagnose potential complications you may experience in the near future.  
  • Avoid speaking to other drivers that may have been involved to ensure you do not admit guilt or fault.
  • Never immediately settle with any insurance company without knowing the true cost of your injuries. Speak to a qualified car accident attorney in Dunedin first.

Protecting yourself means preserving your legal rights, tending to your care, and securing your compensation.  Taking these steps with a powerful lawyer on your side will set you up for success in your car accident case.  

Working to Secure Maximum Compensation for Dunedin Clients 

Proving fault or negligence after a car accident can be a complex process since multiple factors may be involved.  On top of that, you may be facing incredibly painful injuries, a lengthy recovery process, and may have many other responsibilities on your plate.

Attorney Frank P. Marsalisi understands your struggles and is here to take the brunt of legal and insurance affairs off your shoulders.  He has the skills needed to seek adequate compensation for a wide range of accident-related injuries and may help you recover the following losses: 

  • Medical and emergency care expenses;
  • Future treatment and rehabilitation costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Future loss of wages; 
  • Property damage;
  • Mental anguish; 
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Funeral costs.

Attorney Frank embodies the characteristics of a true professional – always taking the time to learn about his clients’ lives and build relationships.  He takes pride in his role as an expert car accident attorney and serving as your counsel during these distressing times.  He will apply his knowledge to your case and share it with you in a way that’s easy to understand.  

Marsalisi Law Represents Car Accident Victims in Dunedin, FL 

Marsalisi Law is a St. Petersburg firm with a strong reputation for success in some of the most challenging and distinguished cases in Florida.  Founder and lead attorney Frank P. Marsalisi is a member of the Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association and has over twelve years of experience handling all personal injury matters.  He acts ethically, moves strategically, and works tirelessly to obtain fair value for those who’ve been wrongfully injured.  

Learn more about your car accident case today by calling (727) 800-5052 or completing an online contact form for a free initial consultation.   

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“You can’t go wrong with Frank Marsalisi!”

Frank was referred to me by a former client of his after my accident with nothing but great reviews, both professionally and personally. From day one there was a level of comfortability and trust built based on what would be in my best interest moving forward. Never once did Frank make my case about what was in it for him but about healing my injuries in order to move on as normal as possible with my life.

– Karlie

“One of a kind lawyer …brilliance!”

Frank has exceptional auto accident liability law abilities and he is also very well-versed in state auto insurance laws. One of the things I like about Frank is that he never tried to sugar coat anything for me. If we were headed for trouble, he would let me know what the trouble was and what our options were. I always appreciated his honesty. This is trait that I do not find in many of today’s lawyers but Frank has performed integrity well beyond his means.

– Ms. C. M. Fraser


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