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After witnessing or suffering from a highly stressful and traumatic event, many people struggle with the emotional and mental toll that develops called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Any life-threatening or potentially dangerous event can trigger PTSD symptoms, including a severe car accident.

The American Psychological Association recognizes motor vehicle accidents as a leading cause of PTSD in the United States and collects data on the severity of Motor Vehicle Accident Related PTSD (MVA-PTSD). Studies on the correlation between PTSD and motor vehicle accidents continue to show the severe impact a car crash can have on an individual’s psyche. Many people may try to ignore and are unaware of their PTSD symptoms. If you exhibit any PTSD symptoms after a motor vehicle accident, contact a medical professional as soon as possible.

6 Signs You May Be Suffering From PTSD After a Car Accident

PTSD symptoms depend on various factors and can range from minor to severe. If you were previously involved in a serious accident, consider the following signs of PTSD and seek medical assistance immediately:


A flashback is where memories of the incident are triggered and relived. When an individual remembers a piece of information, drives past the location, bumps something on the road, or even sees similar weather, they can suffer severe and vivid flashbacks.

Difficulty Sleeping

Not only can flashbacks haunt an individual during the day, but recurring nightmares can disrupt their sleep. A nightmare can transport the person back into the accident and cause them to violently shake, shout, and wake up with high adrenaline levels. When you cannot rest or get a good night’s sleep, PTSD may cause or compound severe health issues.

Fear of Driving

A severe accident is a frightening and unfortunate event. When something causes serious trauma, the person may be unable to overcome actions or objects that remind them of the accident. For example, when someone is bit by a dog, they may continue to fear all dogs, even those of a different breed than the one that attacked them.

Increased Irritability

Mood swings or sudden bursts of anger are common symptoms of PTSD that most individuals experience. You may suddenly feel upset or angered because of something you usually would not even boter to mention. Many find they do not understand what is making them feel so irritable, but PTSD causes fluctuations in brain patterns. It is vital that you discuss these symptoms with your doctor.

Depression or Hopelessness

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a medical issue and can cause depression and feelings of hopelessness. PTSD may cause an individual to feel isolated or unable to engage in previous activities they once enjoyed. Those with PTSD may also feel emotionally numb and unable to connect with their feelings after an accident.

Memory Loss

An essential element to understand about PTSD is that it stems from brain function and mental stress. When the brain experiences high levels of stress and fluctuations, a person may suffer memory loss. In some cases, a person may only lose their memory of the accident, while others may suffer long-term memory loss.

If you believe you suffer from any of the above symptoms of PTSD, speak with a medical professional immediately.

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