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causes of car accidents

Approximately 1.25 million people die every year in traffic accidents across the globe. Nearly 50 million others suffer minor to severe injuries.

Car accidents are ranked 9th among the top causes of death, injuries, and disabilities globally.  In the United States alone, more than 37,000 people perish in traffic accidents. Unfortunately, most of these accidents occur due to human error.

Even with continuous road safety awareness campaigns, car accidents still occur.  Driving carelessly on the road puts you at a higher risk of an accident.  While you may be a careful driver, others around you may not be.  When an accident occurs due to another person’s negligence, you should contact a car accident lawyer so that you can learn and understand what your rights are.

How Distracted Driving Impacts Car Accidents

Distracted driving is one of the leading and common causes of car accidents.  Statistics reveal that nine people die daily from distracted driving.  Any activity that diverts your focus away from the wheel is considered distracted driving.  Typically, there are three distinct types of distraction, including visual, cognitive, and manual.  Some common distractions include:

Cell phone usage;

·        Eating or drinking;

·         Applying makeup;

·         GPS;

·         Loud music;

·         Conversations with occupants in the car;

·         Weather (Best tips for avoiding a car accident when driving in bad weather.)

To prevent distracted driving, either wait until you get to your final destination to do these things or pull over.

Speeding And Car Accidents

Speeding is the second common cause of car accidents among drivers, both young and old.  Speeding can cause horrific accidents.  Staying within the set speed limit is vital. Road safety experts and regulations always consider several factors when setting speed limits, including traffic patterns, seasonal weather conditions, road specifications, and even driving habits.  These speed limits are there to enhance the safety on the road to all users.

You may be tempted to push past the speed limit when you are late.  Increased and unsafe speeds will only shave a few minutes off your arrival time.  Are a few minutes worth your safety?  To avoid car accidents associated with speeding, stay within the recommended limit.   

Car Accidents from Drunk or Impaired Driving

Drunk driving is another leading cause of car accidents.  When you are intoxicated or otherwise impaired, your motor skills are significantly reduced.  This reduction in motor skills and awareness can lead to potentially fatal results.     

To avoid such accidents, take an Uber or a cab to your home after drinking alcohol, taking medication, or if you feel generally fatigued.   

Accidents Caused by Failing to Yield Right of Way

8,000 to 10,000 people die as a result of side impact crashes every year.  Side impact accidents are also known as broadside or T-bone accidents.  Most of these accidents occur when one driver does not stop or yield the right of way to another.  These types of impacts are especially dangerous to the occupants of a car because there isn’t enough material on the sides of a vehicle to absorb the energy on impact when the cars collide. Even at a lower speed, a side-impact crash can cause severe injuries to the passengers of a struck vehicle.

Car manufacturers have made many safety advances over time.  Cars have seatbelts, airbags, energy-absorbing bumpers, and other safety features for preventative measures.  Nonetheless, to avoid such car accidents, it is vital that you observe all traffic control devices and regulations.  Defensive driving is also crucial, just in case someone is not as careful as you.  

Staying Safe from the Common Causes of Car Accidents

Taking time to understand the common causes of car crashes is a great way to stay safe on the road.  Nonetheless, in the event of an accident, contact us for your legal representation.  Marsalisi Law is Where Law Gets Personal, talk to Frank at 727-800-5052 right away to schedule a free consultation or get started on your case.