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“Motorcycle accident. Case with little or no hope. Turned down by two law firms!”

So I go to Central Ave. to see a Lawyer that handled a fairly easy case for me a few years ago,you see a lady backed her car into my motorbike at the mall And admitted fault when the cops arrived. This same Lawyer that jumped on this case wanted nothing to do with me this time and I won’t bore you with details but a second Law firm never returned my call after the initial conversation. This is why: I was on 1st avenue with the right of way doing approximately 35 mph. About 6:30 pm. (Med. traffic) the next thing I know I’m in the trauma center of Bayfront Hospital where I spend the next three days without a word from the police except for a report in my wallet that states all the details of the accident given by the other driver, and yes you guessed it it was all my fault. On the fifth day when I get home I have mail
A ticket from the cop and a $190,000.00 bill from Bayfront hospital and to add insult to injury I don’t remember anything at all. now you see why this so called lawyers saw no hope or better said “saw no green $) and thus refused to have anything to do with this case.

Make a long story short a receptionist at the Tyron court house told me about Frank Marsalisi who not only welcomed my case but came to my house when I was still in a back brace. This in itself says who Frank is as a person and as a Lawyer,where others saw no hope he saw a challenge and persisted with not only the other party’s insurance but also with mine. I’m not sure if I can give details but suffice to say that I didn’t have to pay a penny to the other driver or to the hospital and got my bike fixed. Frank I will always be thankful to you my brother and if there is anything I can do for you ever, please let me know! – Fernando

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